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Publicaciones recientes en revistas indexadas (2010-2019):

  1. D. Hernández-Pinilla, J. Cuerda, P. Molina, M.O Ramírez and L.E. BausáSpectral narrowing in a sub-wavelength solid-state laser” ACS Photonics 6, 2327-2334 (2019). DOI:10.1021/acsphotonics.9b00836.
  2. M.O Ramírez, P. Molina, A. Gómez-Tornero, D. Hernández-Pinilla, L. Sánchez-García, S. Carretero and L.E. Bausá. “Hybrid plasmonic-ferroelectric architectures for lasing and SHG processes at the nanoscale”, Advanced Materials 31, 1901428, 1-23 (2019).
  3. M.O Ramirez,T.A. Lummen, I. Carrasco, E. Barnes,U. Aschauer,D. Stefanska, A.S. Gupta, C. de las Heras, H. Akamatsu, M. Holt, P. Molina, A. Barnes, R.C. Haislmaier, P.J. Deren, C. Prieto, L. E. Bausá, N. Spaldin, and V. Gopalan “Emergent Room Temperature Polar Phase in CaTiO3 Nanoparticles and Single Crystals” APL Materials 7, 011103 (2019). DOI:10.1063/1.5078706.
  4. L. Sánchez-García, M.O Ramírez, R. Solé, J.J Carvajal, F. Díaz and L.E. Bausá “Plasmon induced dual wavelength operation in an Yb3+ laser” Light: Science & Applications 8, 14 (2019). DOI: 10.1038/s41377-019-0125-2.
  5. A. Gómez-Tornero, C. Tserkezis, J.Robledo-Moreno, L.E. Bausa and M.O Ramirez “Field Enhancement and Spectral Features of hexagonal necklaces of silver nanoparticles for enhanced nonlinear optical processes” Optic Express 26, 22394-22404 (2018). DOI: 10.1364/OE.26.022394.
  6. F. Rubio-Marcos, A. del Campo, Rocío E. Rojas-Hernandez, M.O. Ramírez, R. Parra, R. U. Ichikawa, L.A. Ramajo, L.E. Bausá and J.F. Fernández “Experimental Evidence of Charged Domain Walls in Lead-freeFerroelectric Ceramics: Light-driven Nanodomain Switching” Nanoscale 10, 705 (2018). DOI: 10.1039/C7NR04304J.
  7. D. Hernández Pinilla, P. Molina, C. de las Heras, J. Bravo-Abad, L. Bausá and M.O Ramírez “Multiline operation from a single plasmon-assisted laser” ACS Photonics 5, 406-4012 (2018).
  8. L. Sánchez-García, M. O. Ramírez, C. Tserkezis, R. Sole, J. J. Carvajal, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, and L. E. Bausá “Anisotropic enhancement of Yb3+ luminescence by disordered plasmonic networks self-assembled on RbTiOPO4 ferroelectric crystals” Nanoscale 9, 16166-16174 (2017) DOI: 10.1039/C7NR03489J.
  9. A. Gómez-Tornero, C. Tserkezis, L. Mateos, L.E. Bausá and M.O Ramírez “Two-dimensional arrays of hexagonal plasmonic necklaces for enhanced SHG” Advanced Materials 29, 16052671-6 (2017). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201605267.
  10. D. Hernández-Pinilla, P. Molina, J.L. Plaza, L.E. Bausá, M.O. Ramírez “Plasmon enhanced energy-transfer up-conversion in Yb3+-Er3+ co-doped LiNbO3 crystal” Optical Materials 63, 173-178 (2017).
  11. L. Sánchez-García, C. Tserkezis, M. O Ramírez, P. Molina, J. J. Carvajal, M. Aguiló, F. Díaz, J. Aizpurua and L. E. Bausá “Plasmonic enhancement of second harmonic generation from nonlinear RbTiOPO4 crystals by silver nanoaggregates” Optics Express 24, 8492-8500 (2016).
  12. P. Molina, E. Yraola, M.O. Ramírez, C. Tserkezis, J.L. Plaza, J. Aizpurua, J.Bravo-Abad and L.E. Bausá “Plasmon assisted Nd3+ based solid-state nanolaser” Nano Letters 16, 895-899 (2016) DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b03656.
  13. A. Kamińska,,A. Kozanecki, M. O Ramirez, L. E. Bausa, G. Boulon, M. Bettinelli, M. Boćkowski, and A. Suchocki “Radiative recombination processes in ytterbium-doped materials under high hydrostatic pressure” Journal of Luminescence 169, 507 (2016).
  14. E. Yraola, L. Sánchez-García, C. Tserkezis, P. Molina, M. O Ramírez, J. Aizpurua and L.E. Bausá “Polarization-selective enhancement of Nd3+ photoluminescence assisted by linear chains of silver nanoparticles” Journal of Luminescence 169, 569 (2016)
  15. N. Kunkel, A. Ferrier, C.W. Thiel, M. O. Ramírez, L. E. Bausá, R.L. Cone, A. Ikesue and Ph. Goldner “Rare-Earth doped transparent ceramics for spectral filtering and quantum information processing”, APL Materials 3, 096103 (2015).
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  18. L. Mateos, L.E. Bausá and M.O Ramírez “Micro-spectroscopic characterization of ferroelectric domain structures in Yb3+:LiNbO3 prepared by electron beam writing” Optical Materials Express 4, 1077 (2014).
  19. M. Trevisani, K.V. Ivanovskikh, M. O. Ramírez, P. Molina, E. G. Víllora, K. Shimamura, L. E. Bausá and M. Bettinelli “VUV-UV 5d-4f interconfigurational transitions of Nd3+ in BaMgF4 ferroelectric crystals” Journal of Luminescence 153, 136-139 (2014).
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  21. P. Molina, E.Yraola, M. Ramírez, J. Plaza, C. de las Heras, L. E. Bausá,  “Selective plasmon enhancement of the 1.08 mm Nd3+ laser Stark transition by tailoring Ag nanoparticles chains on a Y-cut PPLN” Nano Letters  13, 4931-4936 (2013).
  22. L. Mateos, P. Molina, J.F. Galisteo-López, C. López, L.E. Bausá and M. O Ramírez, “Ultrabroadband generation of multiple concurrent nonlinear coherent interactions in random quadratic media” Applied Physics Letters 103, 101101 (2013).
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  26. E. Yraola, P. Molina, J. L. Plaza, M. O Ramírez and L. E. Bausá, “Spontaneous Emission and Nonlinear Response Enhancement by Silver Nanoparticles in Nd3+  doped Periodically Poled LiNbO3 Laser Crystal” Advanced Materials 25, 910-915 (2013). Seleccionado como portada interna 25, 794 (2013).
  27. A.de Pablos-Martín, D. Ristic, S.Bhattacharyya, Th. Höche, G.C. Mather, M.O Ramírez, S. Soria, M. Ferrari, G.C. Righini, L.E. Bausá, A. Durán, and M.J. Pascual "Effects of Tm3+ Additions on the Crystallization of LaF3 Nanocrystals in Oxyfluoride Glasses: Optical Characterisation and Up-Conversion” Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2, 447-457 (2013).
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"Nanolaser de Estado Sólido Multifrecuencia” P. Molina, L.E Bausá, M.O Ramírez, D. Hernández-Pinilla, C. de las Heras. Modality: Spanish Invention patent. P201631391 (REF. P 2016/619)





















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