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Facultad de DerechoFacultad de Derecho

Academic Calendar Semester 2 (2020)


(Updated 17-6-2020)


24 January

Welcome Day

27 January

Faculty of Law (Derecho)

28 January

Beginning of classes / Reception

6 – 13 April


31 January

Social event - Tour of Islamic Madrid

24 April Faculty of Humanities
(Filosofía y Letras)

7 February

Last day to change course registration

1 May

Workers’ day

13-14 February

Study visit to Brussels

15 May

Madrid Patron Saint

13 March

Study visit to Toledo


26-27 March

Study visit to Barcelona


6-13 April

Easter holidays


24 May 

Last day of classes


1st June

Papers due


16th June

Grades publication


1st July**



16th July**

Grades of resubmission publication


* In case of unforeseen events these dates may change. Any changes will be notified in due course by institutional email.

** Resubmission is for students who have failed or may have decided not to submit in the first place.

UAM Academic Calendar - Postgraduate Studies 

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