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Buddy Programme


If you are a student at the Faculty of Law (whether or not you have enjoyed a mobility program in past years) and want to meet foreign students, practice languages ​​or make friends, this is your opportunity.

To be a mentor all you need is motivation, but if you also want to obtain a prize for your effort, you can request recognition of ECTS (2 or 3 for participation, as optional credits, only if you are a graduate student) if you follow the 'Buddy programme' (also known as the Mentor Program) of the Faculty of Law.

If you do not want credit recognition (which is carried out by the Faculty's Validation Commission), in any case you will obtain a certificate for your participation in the mentoring program.

At the beginning of September and in the middle of January, the incoming students arrive at the UAM, so we will already have activities for the mentors. We are sure that it will be an experience almost as great as the mobility itself.

There are two periods for the mentor application, during the month of June for the first semester and full course, or December for the second semester.


Are you an exchange student at UAM? Would you like the advice of a local student to make the most of your experience at UAM and in Madrid?

Join the Buddy Program!

To participate in the Buddy programme you just need to register in The Buddy System, where you can find your Buddy based on your hobbies and interests.

Your mentor will not only be able to help you with aspects related to university or living in Madrid, but he will surely become one of your best friends during your exchange experience in Madrid.

It is important that you commit to attend the meetings and that you check your mail. If after you have been assigned a mentor you change your mind, please inform the ORI of your center. You must also make a report on your mentor at the end of your stay at UAM.

Don't wait any longer and join the Buddy Program- UAM International Mentors Program  😉


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