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About Research

How is Marketing research done and disseminated in this TRU?

This TRU is one of the oldest and most prestigious centres for Marketing research in Spain. For over five decades, this TRU’s researchers have written hundreds of academic/professional articles and dozens of university textbooks, which have inspired and oriented many other studies.

The research within the Marketing field has an important distinctive characteristic: the balance between scientific grounding and real-world application. On the one hand, marketing topics are investigated through the most widely recognized scientific methods. On the other, this field’s studies try to (1) better understand the markets’ development, (2) help make the Marketing decisions and (3) improve the effectiveness of Marketing activities.

The research topics cover almost all the Marketing areas, but there are some priority research lines. The researchers’ individual pages (which are available in the zone of Teaching and Research Staff) show their particular areas of experience.

Many of the studies are done by research groups, which are formed either permanently or for a particular occasion. Within the TRU there are some research groups that work in subjects of common interest. There are also several research groups that are coordinated by some TRU’s members and which have been recognized by the UAM: “Marketing: Consumer Experience and Brand”, coordinated by Sara Campo and Natalia Rubio; “Consumer Research and New Technology (TECHNOCONS)”, coordinated by Mónica Gómez and Ana Díaz; and “Entertainment Marketing”, coordinated by Ignacio Redondo.

Research results have been disseminated through articles published in all types of academic and professional journals, university textbooks, specialized monographs, national and international conferences, research workshops, etc. Some articles have been cited many times by other studies published in very prestigious journals. Some university textbooks have been recommended for study in subjects taught in numerous universities in Spain and Latin America. The researchers’ individual pages show their particular research results.

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