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Application deadlines and required documents

Application and documents

When may I apply for internships, and when may I do them?

You may apply for internships in companies and do them throughout the academic year. We recommend, however, that you apply for and perform internships that coincide with one of the following periods: October-February, March-June, or July-September, taking into account that the Collaboration Agreements and Appendices signed by the Vice Dean of Internships at the Faculty establish maximum of 5 hours of work per day from October 1st to June 30.

In exceptional cases, a Schedule of more than 5 hours per day may be approved for students who have a reduced academic course load during the academic year or who find they still need electives to complete their studies.

Students who complete their studies and are accepted into a Collaboration Agreement for Educational Cooperation will not be able to continue their internships beyond September 30 of the same year (the date on which the academic year ends).

What documents do I need to earn credits for internships?
The Internship Office will provide you with the following documents:

  • The  application for recognition of credits: you must return the completed form as soon as you begin the internship. This document must be signed by you and the Professional Tutor assigned to you by the company. Students in Tourism should not submit this application if the company has signed an Agreement with the Faculty. IMPORTANT: you may not request recognition of credits for internships that are in the final phase or that have ended.
  • The contact data for your Academic Tutor assigned by the Internship Office.
  • An Evaluation form for the Professional Tutor (from the company), who will complete and sign the form at the end of the internship period or when needed for grading by the Academic Tutor.
  • A Student Exit Questionnaire, which will allow you to evaluate the entire process and development of your internship. You must submit this form to the Internship Office when you finish the internship.

For more information on the number of hours required for registration in internships, see “Information for the student.”
For more information on the Final Memorandum for Evaluation of Internships, see “Information for the student.”.

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