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Procedure for requesting and selecting students

Intern application procedure

The process of requesting interns is very simple. Companies should send the Intership Office the form Applications for Interns to perfom Interships either by fax (91.497.33.87) or by e-mail practicas.economicas@uam.es

Among other information, this form includes a description of the activities and tasks that the student will perform during the internship. These must be related to the student’s academic training. Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty’s Vice Dean of Internships.

IMPORTANT: The company must submit this form, even if it has already pre-selected a student for a particular internship.

Deadline for requesting students for internships

The application period for students is open year round. We recommend, however, that companies present their applications for interns in September (to start the internship in October), in February (to start in March or April), and in May or June for internships during the summer months.

Selection of students for internships
The company requesting interns may choose between the following two selection methods:

  1. Proposing one or several students directly to do internships, assuming that the candidates fulfil the formal requirements to be eligible for the internships. See formal requirements in the section on General Requirements under “Information for students.”
  2. Requesting from the Internship Office a preselected group of students who fulfil the required profile for the internships that the company has proposed. In this case, the Internship Office will send the company the pre-selected curricula vitae so that it can choose the candidates it considers best qualified.

Length of the internship
Internships should generally range from a minimum of 120 hours to a maximum of 750 hours per academic year.

The hours are to be established by the company and the student, respecting the students’ right to attend their exams and to attend to other duly justified academic matters, especially those related to their evaluation by the Academic Tutor for internships.

The internship schedule must be compatible with the student’s class schedule. The regulations in effect establish a maximum of 5 hours per day during the semester and a maximum of 7 hours per day when classes are not in session.

Students may only do internships with firms covered by the Collaboration Agreement (Convenio Marco), as long as they maintain their legal relationship with the UAM. For this reason, students who complete their university study and are accepted for an Educational Cooperation Agreement may not continue their internships after September 30, the last day of the academic year.

For more information on the relationship between the company and the student intern, as well as Student Insurance, see “Advantages for the company.”

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