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You can find more details about this procedure in our Guide for Application (Guía de ayuda para la solicitud de Admisión al doctorado.)

Completing your Application

You should access our online system Sigma:

  • If you have never been an student at UAM, you first need to Register in order to get your user and password: REGISTRO

- If you have obtained your user and password in other occasion, but you don’t remember them, you can get them again here: RECUPERACIÓN NIA  Y CONTRASEÑA

- In the “Downloads” section of this page you can find a Guide for introducing your personal data and a Guide for Registration, if you need further information.


  • If you are currently a student at UAM, you must use your user and password to submit your application through Sigma > Mis aplicaciones > Accesos > Inscripción Doctorados Oficiales > Nueva preinscripción. 

- If you can’t remember your access information, you can get it back here: RECUPERACIÓN CONTRASEÑA


  • If you are a former UAM student you will need you user (NIA) and password. If you can’t remember your access information, you can get it back here: RECUPERACIÓN NIA Y CONTRASEÑA


Candidates that apply for two or more PhD Programes must assign them a preference order.

Don’t forget to save and print your application receipt.


Internal Process of Application

The Administrative Unit at the Doctoral School will validate each application after checking that the candidate meets the admission criteria and that they submit the required documents. Otherwise, they will request the candidate to correct their application.

IMPORTANT!! The deadline given for correcting the application will not affect the other admission deadlines. Only applications validated within the deadlines will be considered.

Once validated by the Administrative Unit, the Academic Committee of each Programme will make sure that the candidates meet the academic requirements of the Programme and will consider your application. Sometimes, the Committee can determine admission to the completion of certain Additional Training Courses (Complementos de Formación).  

Final resolution will be formally communicated via email. If the application is not accepted, the communication will state the reasoning behind the Comitee’s decision. If the application is accepted, the communication will indicate whether the candidate must enroll in Additional Training Courses (Complementos de Formación).


Application follow up

Candidates can track the progress of their application via our online system Sigma. Different options are:

  • “Solicitada por el alumno”: The application was successfully submitted and is pending to be revised by the Administrative Unit at the Doctoral School. If by the deadline your application is still marked as “Solicitada por el alumno”, please contact us at doctorado.gestion@uam.es.
  • "Solicitud Incompleta”:  Your application requires additional documents to be valid. We will indicate which documents have to be added or corrected.
  • Validada por la Administración”: Your application has passed the first part of the procedure (administrative review) and is waiting to be considered by the Academic Committee of the requested Programme.
  • Denegada por la Administración”: The documents submitted are not valid.
  • Admitida”: Your application has been approved by the Academic Comitee. You will receive an email with the Admission Letter and enrollment instructions.
  • Denegada”: Your application has not been accepted. You will receive an email with the reasoning behind the decission.


  •  "Lista de espera": After being reviewd by the Academic Comitee, your application will be accepted as long as there are free spots available after the enrollment period.


  • "Concedido": Your application has been approved and your profile is open for enrollment, following the instructions sent to you via email.