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Equivalence Titles

Procedure for the declaration of equivalence of foreign titles of Higher Education at the academic level of Doctor by the Autonomous University of Madrid (under RD 967/2014, of November 22) (Agreement in the Governing Council of March 6, 2015)

Established the competence for the declaration of equivalence of foreign higher education titles at the academic level of Doctor by the fifth additional provision of RD 967/2014, of November 22, which establishes the requirements and procedure for the homologation and declaration of equivalence to degree and official university academic level and for the validation of foreign higher education studies, and the procedure to determine the correspondence to the levels of the Spanish framework of qualifications for higher education of the official titles of Architect, Engineer, Graduate, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer and Diploma.

1. Scope of the declaration of equivalence

This procedure regulates the declaration of equivalence of doctoral degrees obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems of higher education to:

- Doctoral academic level.

2. Exclusions

-The declaration of equivalence of foreign titles may not be granted with respect to:

a) The titles and diplomas given by Spanish universities in accordance with article 34.3 of Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, on Universities. b) Official titles whose study plans have been terminated or have not yet been fully implemented at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

-The following foreign titles will not be subject to equivalence:

a) Those that lack official academic validity in the country of origin

b) Those corresponding to studies carried out, in whole or in part, in Spain, when the centers lack the mandatory authorization to teach such courses, or when the courses sanctioned by the foreign degree were not effectively implemented at the University or institution of foreign higher education at the time the degree was issued, in accordance with the provisions of article 86 of Organic Law 6/2001, of December 21, on Universities. However, when these circumstances affect only part of the studies carried out, the partial studies that do not incur in them may be subject to validation, where appropriate.

c) Those who have already been recognized in Spain or when the studies passed to obtain them have been validated to continue studies in Spain.

d) Degrees that have been the subject in Spain of a procedure of homologation or equivalence to degree and official university academic level in which a decision has been made regarding the same application.

e) The titles obtained by recognition of professional practice in a percentage higher than 15 percent of the total credits that constitute the study plan.

3. Requests

The procedure will begin by request of the interested party, addressed to the Rector of the University, accompanied by the following documents:

a) Writing indicating the Doctoral Program for which the thesis is to be evaluated. Only applications for equivalence at the doctoral academic level corresponding to lines of research developed in the Doctoral Programs of the Autonomous University of Madrid and expressly identified in the corresponding verification reports of the Doctoral Programs will be accepted.

b) Certification accrediting the applicant's nationality (certified photocopy of ID or passport).

c) Certified copy of the title whose equivalence is requested or of the certification accrediting its issuance.

d) Certified copy of the academic certification of the studies carried out by the applicant to obtain the Doctorate degree, stating, among other things, the official duration, in academic years, of the study program followed, the subjects completed, the hourly load of each of them and their grades.

e) A copy of the thesis completed and an explanatory report of it, written in Spanish and signed by the interested party, indicating the members of the jury and the qualification obtained.

f) The publications to which the doctoral thesis has given rise.

g) Justification of the payment of the corresponding equivalence rate.

The Commission with competences in the resolution of the equivalence at the academic level of a doctor of the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Academic Commissions of the corresponding Doctoral Programs, may request additional documentation when they deem it necessary.

4. Document requirements

Documents issued abroad must meet the following requirements:

- They must be official and issued by the competent authorities, in accordance with the legal system of the country in question.

- They must be presented legalized through diplomatic channels or, where appropriate, by means of the Hague Convention apostille. This requirement will not be required for documents issued by the authorities of the Member States of the European Union or signatories of the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

- They must be accompanied, where appropriate, by their corresponding official translation into Spanish. It will not be necessary to include an official translation of the copy of the doctoral thesis, nor of the complementary documents that may be required.

5. Validation of documents

In case of doubt about the authenticity, validity or content of the documents provided, the Doctoral Commission or the Postgraduate Commission, as the case may be, may carry out the necessary procedures for their verification, as well as contact the competent issuing authority for them. validate the doubtful extremes.

6. Fees

The fees that the interested parties have to pay, in accordance with article 28 of Law 53/2002, of December 30, on Fiscal, Administrative and Social Order Measures, corresponding to the initiation of the procedure, will constitute demandable income for the resolution , being a necessary requirement for the processing of the file. (Modified by the eighth final provision of Law 15/2014, of September 16, on the rationalization of the Public Sector and other administrative reform measures. BOE of 17).

7. Processing and resolution

The resolution will be adopted with reasons by the Rector of the university, following a report from:

I) The Academic Committee responsible for the Doctoral Program in the field of knowledge for which equivalence is requested, which, if deemed necessary, may seek the opinion of one or more experts in the field.

II) The Commission with competences in the resolution of the equivalence at the academic level of doctor. The resolution will be adopted, in any case, in accordance with the criteria and causes of exclusion established by the regulations for the declaration of equivalence to an academic degree of foreign titles in force and under the protection of which this procedure is carried out. The resolution may be favorable or unfavorable to the requested equivalence.

8. Deadlines

The term to resolve and notify the resolution of the procedure will be six months, counting from the date on which the application and all the required documentation have been entered in the General Registry of the U.A.M. As established in the twenty-ninth additional provision of Law 14/2000, of December 29, on Fiscal, Administrative and Social Order Measures, and in annex 2, the lack of an express resolution within the indicated period will allow the application to be understood as rejected. of equivalence.