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Admisión y Matrícula

Applying for Admission (2020-21)

The first step in joining MULAI is to apply for admission. The admission process is done on-line from this link

A translation of this page into English is available from here.

if you are still currently completing the last subjects in your undergaduate degree, you can still apply, but will need to present a copy of your degree before you can register in courses.

Dates to request admission:

  • 1st period: 5th February until 18th May, 2020 (for all students, including those about to finish their undergraduate degrees). Decision on admission given by email by mid-June.
  • 2nd period: 27th July to 3rd September, 2020. Decision on admission given by email by 10th September.

Candidates from countries with a slow visa procedure into Spain should apply in the first period, so that you can begin the visa application process early. Applying for a visa 2 weeks before classes start may result in missing the first semester.

The admission process is as follows:

  1. Student applies for admission.
  2. University grants admission (if requirements are met, e.g., a completed undergraduate degree, and B2 level of English).
  3. Student enrols (registers) for the degree.

Enrolling in the Masters (Matriculación)

Once admission is granted, you will need to register, using the internet.

•             1st period: 16th March - 20th July, 2020.

•             2nd period: 10th-17th September, 2020

Students registering for their second year should do so within these dates also, with one exception: students who were enrolled to do the TFM in September, but did not present, need to wait until the Actas close from their previous year. Then, they can proceed to the secretary in Posgrado and complete their enrolment. 



Michael O'Donnell

Margarita Gloria Vinagre Laranjeira

Datos de contacto:

91-4974426 (Secretaría del Departamento de Filología Inglesa)

Las consultas relativas al procedimiento de admisión al Máster deben dirigirse a


  • CEP MULAI. Enlace externo. Abre en ventana nueva.
  • Docencia en Red. Enlace externo. Abre en ventana nueva.
  • Biblioteca de Humanidades. Enlace externo. Abre en ventana nueva.
  • Buzón de Quejas y Sugerencias. Enlace externo. Abre en ventana nueva.

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