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Personal Docente e Investigador

Aguirre Daban, Manuel

Profesor Titular
205- IV bis
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BA English-Spanish (Saragossa, 1970); BA Germanic Philology (Antwerp, 1976); MA Phil. (Cardiff, 1982); PhD Eng Lit (Antwerp, 1987). I have lectured in English Literature at the universities of Antwerp (1979-1989), Alcalá de Henares (1989-1993) and Autónoma de Madrid (since 1993). Emeritus since 2019. Have headed three state-sponsored research projects dealing with popular literatures and liminality theory (Systemic Analysis of ‘Marginal’ Literatures, 1994-97; Threshold and Text, 2000-03; The Northanger Library Project, 2006-09). I ran the Liminality Seminars (with Esteban Pujals and Isabel Soto, 1998-2006), the Children’s Literature Seminar (with Laura Viñas, 1999-2003), the Madrid Gothic Seminar (with Beatriz Sánchez, 2010-16), and currently run the New Fantasy Seminar (with Elena Bermejo, since 2017). Founded the International Seminar on Liminality and Text (eight encounters since 1999, the latest in April 2017). Founded and still coordinate the UAM research group The LIMEN Group (F-051; since 2007). Founded (with Isabel Soto and Esteban Pujals) The Gateway Press, the first independent academic publisher in English in Spain.



The Northanger Library Project




Áreas de especialización

Narratology. Liminality theory. Comparative literature. Literature and folklore. Popular culture. Fantasy literature.


Líneas de investigación

Rhetoric and formulaic language in Gothic literature. The theme of Sovereignty in European literatures and folklore. Liminalist and narratological studies. The structures of fantasy.


Asignaturas impartidas

CURRENT TEACHING: Editing Gothic Texts Seminar (elective M.A. subject, first semester)

Horario de tutorías

Editing Gothic Texts Seminar: TUE, 17.30 through 19.00 p.m.


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  2. “The Riddle of Sovereignty”, in The Modern Language Review 88:2 (1993), pp. 273-282 (London).
  3. “Life, Crown, and Queen: Gertrude and the Theme of Sovereignty”, in The Review of English Studies 47 (1996), pp. 163-74 (Oxford).
  4.  (jointly with Roberta Quance and Philip Sutton) Margins and Thresholds: An Enquiry into the Concept of Liminality in Text Studies (2000). Madrid: The Gateway Press (ISBN 84-607-0901-9).
  5. “Narrative Structure, Liminality, Self-Similarity: the Case of Gothic Fiction”, in Gothic Horror: A Guide for Students and Readers (ed. Clive Bloom), 2nd edition (2007), pp. 226-47. Palgrave/Macmillan: Houndmills, Basingstoke (UK) (ISBN 978-0-230-00178-7).
  6. The Thresholds of the Tale: Liminality and the Structure of Fairytales (2007). Madrid: The Gateway Press (ISBN 84-931843-4-9).
  7. “The Sovereignty of Wisdom: Boethius’ Consolation in the Light of Folklore”, in Mnemosyne: A Journal of Classical Studies 65:4-5 (2012), pp. 674-94. Leyden, The Netherlands.
  8. “Mary Robinson’s ‘The Haunted Beach’ and the Grammar of Gothic”, in Neophilologus 98:4 (2014), pp. 689-704. Amsterdam.
  9. “‘The Tranquillity of the Mansion’: Fields and Formulaic Diction in a Gothic Novel”, in Journal of Language, Literature and Culture 62:3 (2015), pp. 141-56, Southern Queensland, Australia.
  10. “Liminality”, in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Literary and Cultural Theory, ed. Jeffrey R. Di Leo (London: Bloomsbury 2019), 553-54.

Más información

Otra información de interés:
  • Coordinator (jointly with Elena Bermejo) of The New Fantasy Seminar
  • Founder (jointly with Esteban Pujals and Isabel Soto) and general editor of the Gateway                             Press (Madrid)
  • Head of the UAM research group The LIMEN Group (F-051, since 2007)
  • Director of three PhD dissertations


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