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Personal Docente e Investigador

Corral Esteban, Avelino

Profesor Ayudante Doctor
205 (VI-bis)
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Avelino Corral Esteban works as a full-time Lecturer at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He teaches courses on English syntax, semantics, phonetics and phonology, and contrastive linguistics in different degrees (English Studies, Modern Languages, Spanish Studies, etc.). He holds a PhD from UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), a BA in English Philology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a BA in German Philology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His main areas of research interest cover the study of the grammar of the Native American languages spoken in the area of the Great Plains in the USA and Canada, (i.e. Lakota, Cheyenne, among others), the interaction between syntax, semantics and pragmatics across languages, and the comparative analysis of the syntax of Romance, Germanic and Celtic languages.

At present, he is leading the Honóxease Project, whose aim is to foster the preservation and revitalization of the Cheyenne language, an Algonquian language spoken in Montana and Oklahoma in the USA. Furthermore, he is collaborating in the national research projects “Desarrollo de un laboratorio virtual para el procesamiento computacional del lenguaje natural desde un paradigma functional” (FFI2011-53788-C3-1-P) and “Redes telecolaborativas para el desarrollo de las competencias transversales en la Educación Superior” (EDU2014-54673-R). Finally, he is a member of the research group on “Long-term histories of grammatical traditions” at the University of Oxford (AH/M011291/1)


Áreas de especialización

Sintaxis, semántica, pragmática

Líneas de investigación

Lingüística comparada, Interfaz sintaxis-semántica-pragmática, Tipología lingüística, Lenguas nativas norteamericanas


Asignaturas impartidas

1er. Semestre:

Lengua Inglesa: Gramática II (17292) (Estudios Ingleses): Group 320.

   - lunes 13:00-14:00; jueves 9:00-10:00 / 12:00-14:00

2do. Semestre:

Primera Lengua Moderna 8 (Inglés) (17435) (Lenguas Modernas, Cultura y Comunicación)

   - lunes 9:00-10:00 / 12:00-13:00; martes 9:00-11:00


Horario de tutorías

Lunes: 10:00 – 13:00 / 17:00 – 18:00;

Jueves: 10:00 – 12:00


- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2015. “The order of Lakota verbal affixes”, Dialogia 9, 4-24

- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2016. “New insights into Lakota syntax: the encoding of arguments and the number of verbal affixes.” Ottawa Papers in Linguistics / Cahiers linguistiques d´Ottawa, 1-29.

- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2016. “A study of DOM in Asturian (‘dialectu vaqueiru’).” In Anton Antonov and Alexandru Mardale (eds.), Differential Object Marking and Language Contact, Journal of Language Contact, Brill. In press.

- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2017. “Multi-verb constructions in Cheyenne.” In Brian Nolan and Elke Diedrichsen (eds.), Argument realization in Complex Predicates and Complex Events: Verb- Verb constructions at the Syntax-Semantics Interface. Studies in Language Comparison Series, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 305-346.

- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2017. “The difficult task of finding a standard writing system for the Sioux languages.” In Mari Jones and Damien Mooney (eds.), Creating orthographies for endangered languages, Cambridge University Press. In press.

- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2017. “The importance of accuracy in the use of grammatical terms and concepts in the description of the distinctive properties of Plains Algonquian languages.” Journal of Language and Education 3 (3), 6-38.

- Corral Esteban, Avelino. 2017. “A grammatical sketch of Cheyenne.” In Robert D. Van Valin Jr. (ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Role and Reference Grammar. Cambridge University Press. In press.

Más información

Otra información de interés:

- Coordinador de la CTS del Grado de Estudios Ingleses

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