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O'Donnell, Michael

O'Donnell, Michael

Profesor Contratado Doctor
Módulo VI bis 311
91 497 2273
91 497 4428
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I am a lecturer within the Department of English Studies at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. I was initially employed under a "Ramon y Cajal" contract (a 5 year research contract) but converted to a permanent teaching contract in 2009.

My current interests are in corpus linguistics, in particular, in studying learner corpora to profile what grammatical features are most at stake at each proficiency level, for a given mother tongue and learning context. I also develop software for multi-layer corpus development: UAM CorpusTool.

I have previously worked in several major research centres, including, Information Sciences Institute (Los Angeles), Department of AI at the University of Edinburgh, IRST/ITC (Trento, Italy), IPSI/GMD (Germany), as well as visiting stays in centres such as ITRI (Brighton, UK), University of Waterloo (Canada), Telecom Research Labs (Melbourne, Australia), and Microsoft Research Lab (Sydney, Australia).


Áreas de especialización


Líneas de investigación

Corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, systemic functional grammar


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