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Research Announcements

  • Research service of the UAM

    This service is responsible for the management of research projects at national, regional and UAM level, as well as the processing of grants in the same area.

  • Ramón y Cajal Programme
  • Erasmus programme for training in companies 2010/2011

    The Erasmus company training programme in companies is intended to adapt persons to the demands of the job market at Community levellevel as well as the acquisition of specific aptitudes andthe improvement oftheir understanding of the economic and social environment of the country in question while they acquire work experience.

  • Seventh Framework Programme (7PM)

    The Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission has published several announcements for proposals within the framework of the «Cooperation», «Capacities», «Persons» and «Ideas» programmes belonging to the Seventh Framework Programme.

  • CSIC training for research personnel

    JAE PREDOC CP 2010 grants charged to the Project for the drafting of a doctoral thesis at the CSIC centres.

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