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Scientific Culture

  • Scientific Culture

    The Scientific Culture Unit of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UCCUAM) is a service created in 2006 and is ascribed to the Assistant Rector’s Office for University Extension and Scientific Publication. Its objective is to foster and support activities which contribute to the social communication of scientific knowledge produced at the UAM and its associated centres.

  • The Conversation

    The Conversation es una fuente de noticias y análisis escritos por la comunidad académica e investigadora y dirigida directamente a la sociedad.

    Su objetivo es contribuir a un mejor conocimiento de los grandes asuntos contemporáneos y de las cuestiones complejas. La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid colabora con The Conversation como parte de la Comunidad Universitaria.

  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

    This is a non-governmental organisation, constituted by scientists and its objectives are to promote and coordinate the scientific research carried out in the Antarctic.

  • PubMed (search engine for scientific articles)

    PubMed includes over 20 million citations from biomedical literature from MEDLINE, journals of biological sciences and books on the Internet.

  • Blog: Science at the Poles

    Its objective is to contribute to spreading knowledge of the Polar Regions and their importance for the whole planet.

  • Journal: research and Science

    The first number of Research and Science appeared in October 1976. It is the Spanish version of Scientific American and provides its readers with the latest information on scientific and technical progress all over the world.

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