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Proteomic analysis of the mode of action of the desinfectansts based on pyridoxal oxime derivates against food borne pathogens

Prof. Djuro Josic
Institución de origen
El profesor Duro Josic pertenece al departamento de biotecnologia de la Universidad de Rijeka (croacia) y se encuentra en el departamento de medicina de la Brown Univestiy de Providence (USA)
Desde el 19-11-2018 hasta el 19-10-2018
12 h
Salón de Actos del CIAL

Comprehensive proteomic data and changes in proteomes of food borne pathogens after treatment with the disinfectants based on ammonium salts of pyridinium oxime were investigated. The Gram-positive bacteria B. subtilis and L. monocytogenes as well as the Gram-negative ones, Escherichia coli and Y. enterocolitica were evaluated. Up and down-regulated proteins in these bacteria after growth under inhibition with four different disinfectants based on chloride and bromide salts of pyridinium oxime were identified and their cellular localizations and functions were determined by gene ontology searching. Proteome changes presented here demonstrate different mechanism of action of these desinfectants, that depends on the structure of their cell envelopes. Significant alternations in membrane and cell surface proteins, as well as transport proteins in two investigated Gram-positive bacteria are the main reason for the growth inhibition, while in the Gram-negative pathogens E. coli and Y. enterocolitica intracellular proteins are more affected. These investigations are a contribution for investigation of the virulence and pathogenicity of food borne bacteria and their survival under stress conditions, and can also lead the way for further development of new inhibitors of microbial growth and studies of mechanism of their actions, as well as optimizations of their further design towards better effectiveness and minimizing their health environmental effects.


Salón de Actos del CIAL
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