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Department of Geology and Geochemistry

Department of Geology and Geochemistry

Geology and Geochemistry Department

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The Department of Geology and Geochemistry of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid focuses its research and teaching activities in the field of Earth Sciences and Environment.
The Department offers courses in the following degrees:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Technical Industrial Engineering (Industrial Chemistry Specialty)

In the following graduate areas:

  • Inland Water Quality
  • Master in Secondary and Undergraduate Teaching
  • Master in Waste Management and Treatment
  • Earth Sciences: ground contamination
  • Applied Chemistry

In continuing education courses:Gemology and Lapping. A project in the Master of Applied Geosciences.
In research the Departament of Geology and Geochemistry develops a wide variety of basic and applied topic areas related to the geosciences, including:

  • Protection and Conservation of the Geosphere
  • Characterisation and Applications of Geo-materials
  • Environmental Geology (Geology of the Antarctic: Karst Geology)
  • Geological and Archaeological carbon dating
  • Ground and water quality and contamination
  • Geochemistry and Hydrogeology
  • Waste management and treatment

The Department of Geology and Geochemistry maintain a focus on job opportunities for its students within a wide range of professions related to geosciences in private and public (education, administration) sectors, including conservation of natural resources, management of environmental problems and waste as well as geomaterials.

Management team:

Rosario García Giménez

Assistant Director
Beatriz Carenas Fernández

Ana Mª Álvarez González

Administrative Secretary
Amalia ÁIvarez Baena

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