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Master's Degree in Inland Water Quality Assessment

Calidad de Aguas Continentales

The quality of continental waters is one of the most important problems in European societies and in the rest of the world. Through its Water Framework Directive, European legislation turns the conception of quality around and includes terms on ecological quality, which require special endeavours in training and research throughout the continent of Europe, as well as a commitment to achieve good water quality by 2015


The European Master of Inland Water Quality Assessment arose from the evident need for qualified technicians in many European countries to respond to the demand required by the Water Framework Directive, with specialised training in aspects related to water quality in the continental water masses. The master is intended to train technicians who can respond to this demand, while they also have a pan-European vision of the problems of water quality and are able to work in any European country. Furthermore, the Master is intended to be the commencement of a research career in disciplines related to fresh water for those students who choose a research career. This is done by facilitating studies in the best European water quality laboratories.

The Master is conceived as European, thus, it will include students from a number of European countries and from other continents and will involve the international mobility of all the students. Consequently, the Master is taught exclusively in English. Part of the subjects are taught using e-learning methodologies which facilitate individualised learning and evaluation.

Recommended access profile

The Master is aimed at students who have graduate or the former system degree studies in biological, environmental or related disciplines. In short, the students are expected to have biological knowledge and the capacity to work in the laboratory. The students will be guided from the pre-registration period until the finalisation of their studies. Depending on the interests of each student, they will be given and End of Master Project focused on the management of water resources (administrations, water companies, consultant companies, etc) or on research in top level centres for those students who plan to have a career in research.
Competences of the Master and Occupational Opportunities
The profile of the Master will be that of specialists in continental water quality, with theoretical knowledge of environmental legislation, aquatic ecology, practice in the analysis of the ecological quality of water masses and the issue of reports with recommendations to improve or maintain a high level of water quality. Those obtaining the Master will have a sound scientific knowledge which will enable them to interpret scientific reports, possibly generate these, and apply them to particular cases.

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