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Quality Assurance Committee

SGIC Planning and Monitoring

For quality teaching
For quality teaching

The Science Faculty Comisión de Garantía de Calidad (CGC) (Quality Assurance Commission) is a commission approved by the Faculty Board. It is in charge of articulating the SGIC planning and monitoring tasks, also of promoting internal communication of the System politics, objectives, plans, programs, responsibilities and achievements.

The CGC, presided by the Dean and the Vice-Dean for Planning and Monitoring as secretary, is constituted by ten members of the Faculty Board that represent different groups (five permanent professors, one no-permanent professor and researcher, one in-training teaching and research staff representative, one administration and services staff representative and two students) together with two UAM Social Council representatives as external agents. Furthermore, Coordinators from each verified Grado, Master or Doctoral studies form part of the Science CGC in which the Faculty professors participate.

In order to guarantee the operability, the Centre’s CGC has been subdivided into three commissions: for Grado, Master and Doctorate which deal with each degree’s specific aspects. It has been constituted a working group integrated by Faculty Board representatives, one Grado representative, one of Master and one of Doctorate. It values in the first instance the quality improvement proposals issued by Degrees’ Follow-up/Coordination Commissions or any interest group (the own SGIC revision and update, indicators definition and revision, satisfaction surveys, promoting participation in teacher evaluation processes, etc.) before its study by the CGC.

The Academic Coordination or Follow-up Commission of each Faculty degree is the one that follows up effectively and directly the degree. This is because it has, among others, the following functions: analysis of information related to training program quality indicators and follow-up reports elaboration with its corresponding proposals for action or improvement plans. These are proposed to the Comisión de Garantía de Calidad (CGC) (Quality Assurance Commission) and the other Centre’s Commissions that may be involved in the mentioned proposals.

Composition of the Quality Assurance Committee

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