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Personal Docente e Investigador (P.D.I.)

Guantes Navacerrada, Ra?l

Guantes Navacerrada, Raúl

Profesor Contratado Doctor
Módulo 8, Despacho 401-12.
+34 91 497 8735
+34 91 497 3961
Resumen curriculum vitae
  • PhD by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1997). Postdoctoral "Marie Curie" fellow (FORTH, Greece), CAM postdoctoral fellow (Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC) and "Ramón y Cajal" research fellow (CSIC and UAM). During my PhD and postdoctoral stays I worked on chaos in classical and quantum mechanics, atom-surface diffraction, molecular dynamics of polyatomic molecules, statistical physics and stochastic processes. In 2007 I became associate professor at UAM (contratado doctor) and I established an independent research group with new lines in Biophysics and Systems Biology. I have been coordinator of the Official Postgraduate Program in Biophysics (2008-2014) and I currently coordinate the Biophysics specialization in the Master of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems Physics at UAM.


Lineas de investigación
  • Signal processing in cellular regulatory networks.
  • Origins of cell-to-cell variability, and its consequences on cancer resistance and adaptation to changing environments.
  • Genetic ecology: studying the diversity of microorganisms in urban air by metagenomic sequencing.


1. Transcription factor levels enable metabolic diversification of single cells of environmental bacteria, R. Guantes, I. Benedetti, R. Silva-Rocha and V. de Lorenzo, The ISME Journal 10: 1122-1133, (2016). [URL]

2. Mitochondria and the non-genetic origins of cell-to-cell variability: More is different, R. Guantes, J. Díaz-Colunga and F. J. Iborra, BioEssays 38, 64-76, (2016). [URL]

3. Global variability in gene expression and alternative splicing is modulated by mitochondrial content, R. Guantes, A. Rastrojo, R. Neves, A. Lima, B. Aguado and F. J. Iborra, Genome Research 25, 633-644, (2015). [URL]

4. A Tunable Coarse-Grained Model for Ligand-Receptor Interaction, T. Ruiz-Herrero, J. Estrada, R. Guantes and D. Gómez-Míguez, PLoS Computational Biology 11, e003274, (2013). [URL]

5. Dynamic and structural constraints in signal propagation by regulatory networks, J. Estrada and R. Guantes, Molecular Biosystems, 9, 268-284, (2013). [URL]

6. Positive regulatory dynamics by a small noncoding RNA: speeding up responses under temperature stress, R. Guantes, B. Cayrol, F. Busi and V. Arluison, Molecular Biosystems, 8, 1707-1715, (2012). [URL]

7. Trade-offs and Noise Tolerance in Signal Detection by Genetic Circuits, R. Guantes, J. Estrada, Juan F. Poyatos, PLoS One, 5 e12314, (2010). [URL]

8. Multistable Decision Switches for Flexible Control of Epigenetic Differentiation, R. Guantes, Juan F. Poyatos, PLoS Computational Biology 4, e1000235, (2008). [URL]

9. Sodium pumps adapt spike bursting to stimulus statistics, S. Arganda, R. Guantes and G. García de Polavieja, Nature Neuroscience 10, 1467-1473, (2007). [URL]

10. Dynamical Principles of Two-Component Genetic Oscillators, R. Guantes, Juan F. Poyatos, PLoS Computational Biology 2, 188-197, (2006). [URL]

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