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Chemical Engineering Degree

Descripción del Título

  • Atribuciones profesionales
  • Centro, departamento o instituto responsable: Faculty of Science
  • Centros de impartición: Faculty of Science
  • Curso implantación: 2009/10
  • Tipo de enseñanza: Presencial
  • Créditos: 240
  • Mínimo ECTS según matricula y curso: 24 ECTS part time students; more than 36 ECTS full time students
  • Idiomas impartición: Spanish
  • Número de plazas ofertadas: 80
  • Nota de corte: 9,031 (academic year 2019/2020)

Chemical Engineering Degree

Chemical Engineering Degree
The occupation of Chemical Engineer is very well-established and inserted in the European and Spanish productive sector, since the European Union is the world¿s leading power in Chemical Engineering.
  • IntroductionChemical Engineering Degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) aim to train professionals with the ability to apply the scientific method and engineering and economic principles to processes and products development of chemical and related sectors industry (environmental technologies; energy; pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food industry, etc.).

    The UAM Chemical Engineering Degree qualifies for the regulated profession of Industrial Technical Engineer, according to the corresponding Orden Ministerial CIN/351/2009.

    The new UAM Chemical Engineering Degree, in the current European Higher Education Area, have been designed with the aim of training competitive professionals in a global Europe. 

    The syllabus promotes progressive knowledge acquisition regarding science, engineering, economics, etc. through a 240 credits (ECTS) structure. They are distributed in four courses, including basic training subjects (66 ECTS), industrial branch (72 ECTS), chemical engineering and industry (66 ECTS) and an End-of-Degree Project (12 ECTS), as well as intensification electives (24 ECTS), in which internship is included. The training main objective is to develop the professional competences and abilities that are demanded by industry and companies (for example initiative, critical reasoning and autonomous learning) through a set of complementary activities to traditional lessons (practical case studies in seminars with small groups, academically guided projects through personalised tutorials, simulation through professional software, etc.). These complementary activities are proposed by professors forming part of a multidisciplinary team, really motivated and desiring to innovate.

    The UAM Chemical Engineering Degree have a clear practical orientation and are distinguished by a great number of experimental subjects. They are carried out in laboratory and latest generation pilot plant facilities with teaching methodologies oriented to team working, decision-making and real cases learning. Internships in companies and public centres are guaranteed to those students interested in combining academic training and professional experience that will facilitate their employability. This is thanks to the UAM Science Faculty direct contact with more than 650 companies from the industrial sector.

    Professional Skills Career (pdf)

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