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Oferta de trabajo TEWER Ingeniería

Job Description

TEWER Engineering is a Spanish engineering company integrated by experts in product development, manufacturing, power plants engineering and construction, assembly of complex systems, verification and monitoring procedures, and project management.

TEWER provides customers with solutions that are based on proprietary Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies, augmented with PV, and hybridized with other sources as required. TEWER has participated in the development and construction of some of the most representative CSP projects worldwide, such as
the 110MW Crescent Dunes project near Tonopah in the Central Nevada Desert or the 100 MW Parabolic Trough Power Plant in Urat, Inner Mongolia. The largest under construction to date. TEWER leverages the expertise of its founders and engineers to develop cost effective heliostats, advanced dense heliostat field designs and control systems. The development capabilities of the team include system 3D design, mechanical thermal and CFD calculation using FEM systems, development of manufacturing processes and assembly Layouts. (


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