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Seminario: "Spin polarization from chiral media: Origin and applications"

Seminar Spin polarization-img
Juan José de Miguel
Institución de origen
Departamento de Física de la Materia Condensada
Sala de Seminarios del departamento C03 planta 5

Conformational chirality, or the absence of spatial inversion symmetry, is a fundamental property related to many profound enigmas of Nature such as the asymmetry found in living beings, which only utilize molecules with a specific helicity, called enantiomers. The existence of a link between chirality in materials and the electronic spin is a matter of long-standing debate. Recent experiments have demonstrated the appearance of intense spin polarizations in electron currents transmitted through chiral media [1, 2]. This phenomenon, which has been named the CISS (Chiral Induced Spin Polarization) effect, is attracting increasing interest and opens up the possibility to use this type of materials as spin filters for spintronics applications or to control enantioselective chemical reactions.

In this presentation I will introduce the basic concepts and describe the current status of the field. Then, I will present our own experimental work studying different spin-related phenomena observed in layers of chiral molecules adsorbed on single-crystal metal surfaces. In the first place I will show how electrons photoemitted from homochiral layers of the different enantiomers of the same molecule display spin polarization along different directions in space. I will also show how the adsorption of chiral molecules on spin- polarized substrates is enantioselective. Finally, I will present a new type of materials, chiral organic-inorganic hybrid metal halides, with many interesting properties for applications.

  1. B. Göhler et al., Science 331, 894 (2011).
  2. M. Á. Niño, I. A. Kowalik, F. J. Luque, D. Arvanitis, R. Miranda, and J. J. de Miguel, Adv. Mater. 26, 7474 (2014).


(Sala de Seminarios del Departamento C03 planta 5)

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