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Formation activities

RD 99/2011 of January 28, which regulates official PhD teaching, raises the training of researchers as a key element for a knowledge-based society, emphasizing the main role that doctors must play both both in the generation and in the effective transfer of knowledge to society, with the aim of contributing to improving the quality of life of citizens and their social and economic progress.

"PhD programs will include organized aspects of research training that will not require structuring in ECTS credits and will include both transversal and specific training in the field of each programme"

In line with these principles, the main objective of the UAM Doctoral School is to raise the quality of doctoral studies, enhance their social and international projection and encourage cross-cutting activities to promote interdisciplinarity, always oriented towards respect for rights. rights and a culture of peace, equality and social progress and respect for sustainable development.

To achieve this goal, the doctoral programs have been designed by planning a set of training activities of a transversal and specific nature (seminars, courses, workshops, conferences for doctoral students, national and international congresses, etc.) that are carried out in parallel to preparation of the doctoral thesis. All of them are expected to contribute in an essential way to the achievement of the expected learning results by the doctoral students.

The transversal training activities, aimed at doctoral students from all the university's doctoral programs, are programmed and coordinated by the Directorate of the Doctoral School and its Permanent Commission.

The specific training activities, for their part, are programmed by the Academic Committee of each doctoral programme.