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Master´s Degree in Advanced Materials (Specialization in Nanotechnology / Photonics)

Máster en Materiales Avanzados

There is no doubt at all that both Nanotechnology and Photonics play every day a more important role in our life. Many of their applications are easily recognized (such as memory, imaging, communication and computing devices), Nevertheless, many applications of both nanotechnology and Photonics are unknown by most people although they are much more relevant for life quality (such as those applications in Nanomedicine, bio-photonics, energy and so on). Although Nanotechnology and Photonics are already important they can be consider as still young disciplines that still are at their initial times. Every day new challengers, demanding applications and new problems are presented whose solutions require the continuous developing of new techniques and advances in both Nanotechnology and Photonics. Such a continuous innovation requires, from one side, the research of novel materials with pre-designed and controlled properties at the nano-scale. On the other side, it requires of new characterization techniques capable of the characterization of such nano-structured materials. Thus, both Nanotechnology and Photonics are nowadays strongly linked to the development of new Materials with Advanced properties and functionalities.
The Master on Advanced Materials of UAM aims to provide students an unique opportunity to increase their formation, academic and technical, in the field of novel Materials, especially in relation of Novel Materials for Nanotechnology and Photonics. This post-graduate formation is specially designed to start a research career as well as to be incorporated in specialized industries. The Master on Advanced Materials of UAM is the results of the fusion of two traditional Masters: The Master on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology of UAM and the Master on Photonics of UAM. Such an union ensures a broad academic offer plenty of eligible courses in such a way that the students are able to design their postgraduate formation according to their areas of interest.

The Master on Advanced Materials of UAM is specially designed for graduate students in Experimental Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Material Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering.
The Master in Advanced Materials of UAM is divided into four modules. The particular election over the different eligible courses included in Module 3 will give the student the opportunity to obtain the label of Specialist in Nanotechnology or of Specialist in Photonics. The different Modules constituting the Master in Advanced Materials are briefly explained next:
This Module is focused on the fundamental aspects of the modern techniques of synthesis and characterization of last generation of advanced materials. It consists of 5 course, each of 5 ECTS. These courses are: Characterization Techniques I and II, Synthesis of Advanced Materials and Nanostructures, Optoelectronics and Nanodevices.
The main objective of this Module is to provide the students a first contact with the characterization techniques employed for the research of novel materials, so that the student would acquire the basic knowledge required for a fruitful development of the Master Project. Depending on the students’ preferences, they could either assist to the course Laboratory of Advanced Materials (required to finally obtain the label Specialist in Nanotechnology) or to Experimental Photonics (required to obtain the label Specialist in Photonics).
This Module is constituted by a total of 9 courses, each of one of 5 ECTS. These courses are: Nano-characterization of Materials: Microscopy techniques, Material characterization: Large equipments, Simulation Methods in Material Science, Materials in Biology and environmental sciences, Materials for Solar Applications, Photonic Materials, Lasers and applications and Integrated Photonics). Those students interested in the label Specialist in Nanotechnology should choose three over the 5 first courses. Those students interested in the label Specialist in Photonics should chose the last three courses. Students not interested in any of these two labels are free to choose 3 courses over the 9 courses.
This is a mandatory Module. The Master Project consists on a research work to be done in a research laboratory within UAM or in any other lab of related research centers or companies. Final evaluation of the Master Project will consist on a public defense of the work by the student.

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