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Programa Mentores (Mentor Program)

International Mentor/Buddy Program

An international mentor is a UAM student who accompanies, advises and guides an international exchange student before their arrival at UAM and during their stay, to facilitate a rapid integration of the student in academic and social activities related to the campus as with the city.

The program aims to encourage UAM students to participate in mobility programs, develop values ​​and improve the quality of the reception of international students. It also wants to contribute to the creation of a group of "ambassadors" of the UAM, made up of international students who maintain links with the UAM in the future through the AlumniUAM program.

How to apply for a Mentor

If you come to study at the UAM as international student, and you would like to contact a local student to help you and advise you during your stay in Madrid, you must fill out a form and then download the app that is indicated in order to pair with one or a mentor student with whom you have something in common.

For more information and contact, please visit UAM's Welcome Office


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