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Rubio Franco Victor

Rubio Franco, Victor

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Resumen curriculum vitae
· 1982-1988, fellow researcher at the Psychological Assessment Department and at the Department of Biological and Health Psychology, University Autonoma of Madrid (Spain).
· 1989-2008, associated professor at the Biological and Health Psychology Department (Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatments), University Autonoma of Madrid (Spain).
· Visiting professor at different universities (University of Salamanca, National University of El Salvador —San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.—, Monash University —Melbourne, Australia—, among others)

During those years I have lectured in several subjects, such as Psychological Assessment, Program Evaluation, Validation Studies, Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis, and so on. I have also developed my expertise on Psychological Assessment methods and techniques, particularly on the objective assessment of personality applied to personnel selection. I have worked on the design of computerized-based systems for the recruitment of high qualification position applicants, such as safety guards, astronauts and air traffic control officers. 


Áreas de especialización

Líneas de investigación

 Evaluación objetiva de la personalidad en base a tareas. Diferencias individuales en la tendencia al riesgo


AUTHORS: Hernández, J.M.; Santacreu, J.; Rubio, V.J.
TITLE: Evaluación de la personalidad: una alternativa teórico-metodológica [Personality assessment: A theoretical and methodological alternative]
REFERENCE: Escritos de Psicología, 1, 20-28 (1999)
AUTHORS: Aguado García, D. Santa Cruz, C., Dorronsoro, J. D. y Rubio, V. J..
TITLE: Algoritmo mixto mínima entropía-máxima información para la selección de ítems en un test adaptativo informatizado [Item selection algorithms in computerized adaptive testing]
REFERENCE:  Psicothema, 12 , 12-14 (2000)
AUTHORS: Botella, J., Contreras, M.J., Shih, P.C., Rubio, V.J.
TITLE: Two short tests fail to detect vigilance decrements.
REFERENCE: European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 17, 48-55 (2001)
AUTHORS: Rubio, V.J.; García Rodríguez, L.F; y Santacreu, J.
TITLE: Computer-based assessment tool for functional analysis task made by learners (Psychology students): First step to a computer-based training system.
REFERENCE: International J. of Continuous Engineering and Life-long Learning, 12, 123-134 (2002)
AUTHORS: Rubio, V.J. & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: TRASI. Test adaptativo informatizado para la evaluación del razonamiento secuencial y la inducción como factores de la habilidad intelectual general [TRASI. Computer-adaptive test for assessing sequential reasoning and induction as general intellectual ability factors]
REFERENCE: Madrid: TEA (ISBN 84-7174-771-5). (2003).
AUTHORS: Rubio, V.J. & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: Primary validation results of the AENA assessment battery for the selection of ab initio air traffic controllers (ATCo) candidates
REFERENCE: The 2nd EUROCONTROL Selection Seminar: FEAST and more. Luxembourg: EUROCONTROL (2003)
AUTHORS: Arend, I., Colom, R., Botella, J.,  Contreras, M.J. & Rubio, V.J.
TITLE: Quantifying cognitive complexity: Evidence from a reasoning task
REFERENCE: Personality and Individual Differences, 35, 659-669 (2003)
AUTHORS: Hernández, J.M., García-Leal, O., Rubio, V.J. & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: La persistencia en el estudio conductual de la Personalidad [Persistence on the behavioural study of personality].
REFERENCE: Psicothema, 16, 39-44 (2004)
AUTHORS: Santacreu, J., Rubio, V.J., & Hernández, J.M
TITLE: Evaluación objetiva de la personalidad: Una alternativa a los cuestionarios [Objective personality assessment: An alternative to questionnaires].
REFERENCE: Análisis y Modificación de Conducta, 30, 803-825 (2004)
AUTHORS: Hernández, J.M.,  Rubio, V.J., Santacreu, J., & Revuelta, J.
TITLE: Consistency paradox revisited. A procedure for estimating intraindividual consistency independently from the measure.
REFERENCE: Análisis y Modificación de Conducta, 30, 795-802 (2004)
AUTHORS: Rubio, V.J., Santacreu, J., & Hernández, J.M
TITLE: The objetive assessment of personality. An alternative to self-report based assessment.
REFERENCE: Análisis y Modificación de Conducta, 30, 827-840 (2004)
AUTHORS: Aguado, D.; Rubio, V.J.; Hontangas, P. & Hernández, J.M.
TITLE: Propiedades psicométricas de un test adaptativo informatizado para la medición del ajuste emocional [Psychometric properties of an emotional adjustment computerized adaptive test].
REFERENCE: Psicothema, 17, 484-491 (2005)
AUTHORS: Hernández, J.M., Rubio, V.J., Revuelta, J. & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: A Procedure for Estimating Intrasubject Behavior Consistency.
REFERENCE: Educational and Psychological Measurement, 66, 417 – 434 (2006)
AUTHORS: Santacreu, J.; Rubio, V.J.; & Hernández, J.M.
TITLE: The objective personality assessment: Cattell revisited and more. .
REFERENCE: Psychology Science, 48, 53-68  (2006)
AUTHORS: Colom, R., Rubio, V.J.; Shih, P.C., & Santacreu, J..
TITLE: Fluid intelligence, working memory and executive functioning
REFERENCE: Psicothema, 18, 816-821 (2006)
AUTHORS: Rubio, V.J.; Aguado, D.; Hontangas, P. & Hernández, J.M.
TITLE: Psychometric properties of an emotional adjustment measure. An application of the Graded Response Model.
REFERENCE: European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 23, 39-46 (2007)
AUTHORS: Quiroga, M.A., Hernández, J.M., Rubio, V.J.; Shih, P.C, & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: Influence of Impulsivity-Reflexivity when testing Dynamic Spatial Ability: sex and g differences.
REFERENCE: Spanish Journal of Psychology, 10, 294-302 (2007)
AUTHORS: Contreras, M.J., Rubio, V.J., Colom, R., Peña, D. & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: Sex differences in dynamic spatial ability:  The unsolved question of performance factors
REFERENCE: Memory and Cognition, 35(2), 297-303 (2007)
AUTHORS: Botella, J., Narváez, M., Martínez-Molina, A.., Rubio, V.J., & Santacreu, J.
TITLE: A dilemmas task for eliciting risk propensity.
REFERENCE: The Psychological Record, 58, 529-546 (2008)
AUTHORS: Rubio, V.J.; Santacreu, J. & Hernández, J.M.
TITLE: Can we predict risk taking behaviour? Two tasks for predicting guessing tendencies in a multiple-choice test.
REFERENCE: European Journal of Psychological Assessment (submitted)
AUTHORS: Proyer, R. et al.
TITLE: Breaking ground in cross-cultural research on the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia): A multinational study involving 73 countries
REFERENCE: Humor, 22(1/2), 253-279 (2008)

Más información

Otra información de interés

 · Member of several scientific associations, among them Spanish Society of Psychology, the European Association of Personality Psychology, and former member of the European Association of Psychological Assessment

·  Member of the editing committee of a variety of scientific journals, among them Psychological Assessment, Revista de Psicología del Deporte or Psicología Conductual

·  Head of the International Relations Office of the University Autonoma in charge of exchange programs, bilateral agreements and internationalization of the education (1996-1998)


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