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Publicación del Manual de Usuario del Software Fiji

María Dolores Morales, responsable técnico del laboratorio de Tratamiento Digital de Imagen Científica-Microscopia Confocal, publica un nuevo manual de usuario del Software Fiji para procesamiento digital de imagen científica

Fiji Software User Manual

Fiji Software User Manual

This user manual focuses on Fiji (Fiji Is Just ImageJ), a processing tool based on the ImageJ program but largest and with best-known distribution than ImageJ. Its main purpose is the dissemination of an ImageJ with Java, Java 3D, more plugins integrated and organized in a menu with a consistent structure to facilitate image processing in the scientific community, scripting languages and extensive tutorials and documentation. It is easier to install than ImageJ, because it organizes all required components into a self-contained package that will run on any computer platform and contains an automatic update function. In addition, it also allows the programming of macros.