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Study Abroad at UAM

Study Abroad

Are you an international student and want to improve your Spanish skills while you learn about the culture, politics, economy, and art of Spain?

Do you want to study an undergraduate or graduate degree in Spain and need a course that prepares you for this adventure?

Study Abroad at UAM welcomes you and offers you credit-bearing courses throughout the academic year as well as the summer.  Our classes are small, and our professors who are experts in their field create a dynamic learning environment that privileges active student participation.  Most of our courses are taught in Spanish, but we do offer courses taught in English, especially in the summer.

Study Abroad at UAM, in collaboration with universities all over the world, also organizes faculty-led and tailor-made courses.

Semester-long courses

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DiLe Program

The DiLe Program is ideal for international students who seek a unique academic experience in Madrid through a flexible program that allows them to study the language and culture of Spain while completing up to two course requirements in their majors or minors.

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University Prep Program - UPP

The UPP is for students who wish to improve their Spanish language skills and learn about the Spanish university system in preparation to study an undergraduate or graduate degree in Spain.  This is an intensive immersion program with over 600 hours of Spanish language and culture classes taught by experts in second language acquisition.

Tailor-made courses

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Study Abroad at UAM, in collaboration with universities all over the world, organizes tailor-made and faculty-led courses.  These can take place during the academic year or during the summer, and they can be taught entirely or partially by UAM professors in either English or Spanish.

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Study Abroad at UAM - Location and opening hours

Head of Study Abroad at UAM: Anjouli Janzon (

Coordinator: Leila Rakib


Telephone: +34 91 497 3699

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