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Information technology



CERT-UAM is the incident response team of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

A CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is an expert group that focuses on the prevention, detection and response to security incidents affecting the Information Technology systems.

Its goal is to reduce the damage to those systems, and to assure the continuity of the IT services been offered.

The CERT-UAM helps to improve, not only the security of the IT services been offered, but also the security of the users of those services, detecting possible incidents and helping in dealing with them.

It also provides a unique contact point to report, identify and analyze the impact and the threats of the incident, as well as propose solutions and mitigation strategies.

CERT team


Head of CERT-UAM

Victor Barahona Cabezón


CERT-UAM Technician

Carlos Javier Ramírez Delgado


Its main goal is the early detection of the security incidents that may compromise the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, as well as the coordination in the incident management.

It also establishes proactive security measures, notifies of possible problems, and gives technical information and advice and training on IT security incidents.


The services been offered by CERT-UAM are:

Centralized management of security incidents. Single point of contact for security incidents. Expert analysis and advice in the response to security incidents on the network and IT systems of the university.

Automatic detection and response to security incidents.

Cyber threats early warning. Spreading information to the whole university of threats that may seriously affect the IT systems, like serious vulnerabilities in everyday applications, phishing e-mail attacks…

Training and raising awareness. Development of awareness campaigns and training actions in cybersecurity, aimed at risk management and improving the security of the IT systems of the university

Contact Us

The preferred way to reach us is via e-mail at:

Every incoming mail will be routed to an incident ticket system and will be assigned with an incident number. This number should be used in all future e-mails regarding that issue.

You can use CERT-UAM`s PGP key to send us confidential information (it can also be downloaded from any public key server).

User ID:          Cert UAM <>

Key type:         RSA

Key size:          2048R

Fingerprint:      2D14 242C 6BF8 EF3E FD4E  1C2F 7B42 03FA 80AA 172C

Key Id del CERT de la UAM


The preferred channel of contact with CERT-UAM is by email to:

Telephone contact

(+34) 91 497 6106


Escuela Politécnica Superior

C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 11

Ada Lovelace (B) building, office TI-204


Business: Monday to Thursday: 9:00h to 17:30h. Friday: 9:00h to 14:00h