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Traineeships for international students

UAM accepts individual applications from international students for traineeships at UAM, preferably to be managed within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, but applications for traineeships that are managed with other non-Erasmus training agreements will also be taken into consideration, provided that they are signed between the UAM, the student and their home university.


  • Traineeships must be promoted by a UAM lecturer or researcher who agrees to supervise and evaluate the student's stay at the UAM and require the express approval of the person responsible for the unit in which the traineeship is to be carried out.
  • The traineeship must be educational and related to the student's studies. It must not be of a administrative nature and the student may not take on teaching duties.
  • The traineeship must take place in "academic" units (departments of the Faculties/Schools, research groups, affiliated hospitals, UAM university institutes or research centres). It is not possible to carry out traineeships in administrative units, offices or services.
  • The traineeship is unpaid by UAM, which is why it is important that the student receives financial support from Erasmus+ or other programmes.
  • The student is not elegible to be included in the Spanish Social Security system.
  • The UAM only manages traineeships that take place at the university itself, it does not manage traineeships in other companies or organisations.

Please also note that:

  • UAM can only manage traineeships by "recent graduates" if they are managed exclusively within the Erasmus+ programme, by signing the Learning Agreement for Traineeships of the programme (not with another agreement or agreement).
  • UAM cannot manage traineeships/rotations of graduates in Medicine in its affiliated hospitals.
  • In general, it is difficult to do traineeships during the summer, especially if it includes the month of August because

For more information on how to find a traineeship opportunity at UAM and how to manage it, please refer to the following information:



Once you have found a unit that has accepted to host you, you will need to talk to your supervisor at UAM to formalise your traineeship by preparing your Learning Agreement for Traineeships (if the traineeship is managed with Erasmus+ or the Swiss-European Mobility Programme), or the UAM internship agreement (if it is not an Erasmus+/SEMP traineeship).

A) Erasmus+/SEMP Traineeships

You will have to prepare the Erasmus+/SEMP Learning Agreement for Traineeships with your supervisor at UAM:

B) Other traineeships

Any traineeships that are not managed exclusively within the Erasmus+ programme require signing a traineeship agreement between UAM, the student, and their home university.

In any case, the signature of this type of agreements is the responsibility of the Vice-Rector for Internationalization. To request a signature please contact

In general, the UAM does not sign agreements from other universities and will only sign its own traineeship agreement model. SERIM may prepare the agreement at the request of the department or unit where the traineeship will be carried out.

UAM Internship agreement for incoming students


  • Traineeships by students from French universities that are managed through the model agreements approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, which are available here.

Before arriving

Visitors/Residence permits

For more information, please also refer to this page: Visados, NIE, TIE

Registration at UAM

Students who carry out traineeships at UAM must register at the university. To do so you must send one single email with the following documents once have all them ready to and your supervisor at the UAM:

Medical and Nursing students who are going to do an internship at UAM's affiliated hospitals should send their documents to (1) and (2)


During and at the end of the stay


International Relations and Mobility Service (SERIM) - Location and Schedule

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