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Postgraduate Studies Center / UAM

Postgraduate Studies Center

Welcome to the Postgraduate Studies Center website, where we want to help you to choose an Official Master’s Degree to complement your career or studies in the most optimum, enriching manner. You will be able to find the official Master’s Degree that best suits you at Autonomous University of Madrid from among over 80 for quality training while giving a boost to your profile.


If you would like to receive information about our official Master’s Degrees, please contact UAM Students (atencion.posgrado@uam.es)


If you would like further academic information about the Master’s Degree you would like to take, please contact the degree coordinator. You will find their e-mail addresses in the “Contact details” tab on the Master’s Degree website.


If you have any queries about the admission process for a special Master’s Degree, you can write to posgrado.oficial@uam.es




You can consult academic and enrollment calendar for the official Master’s Degree  2023/24

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