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Administrative and Service Staff Service


Our aim is to facilitate the bureaucratic procedures for all members of the staff, in addition to occasionally notifying the matters we consider could be of interest to you as a member of the University's staff. We will try to make the contents dynamic and permanently updated
. Nevertheless, we would be delighted to receive any proposals for improvements, suggestions, comments or criticisms on the aspects you consider do not come up to your expectations. We want these pages to be to your liking and above all useful.

Work team

José María Gómez López
Head of Service
Telephone: 91.497.31.54 

Joaquín Delgado García
P.A.S. Section Official
Telephone: 91.497.47.61

Magdalena Herrero González
Staff recruitment and web page maintenance
Telephone: 91.497.39.63

Carmen Aragonés Prieto
Attendance control
Telephone: 91.497.50.24

Rosa María Crespo Martín
Service Support
Telephone: 91.497.69.12

Cristina Muñoz Alonso
Service Support
Telephone: 91.497.70.25

Yolanda Montero Galende
Service Support
Telephone: 91.497.70.30

José Antonio Pérez García
P.A.S. Section Labour
Telephone: 91.497.51.56

Nieves Godoy Osés
Training and General Affairs Section
Telephone: 91.497.42.25

Raquel Díaz Cámara
Welfare Allowances
Telephone: 91.497.42.28

Marisa Montero Galende
Service Support
Telephone: 91.497.50.49

Mar Tomás Tudela
Support to Service
Telephone: 91.497.49.48

Main activities
  • Recruitment of new Administrative and Service government-employees and workers, in addition to processing the competitive examinations for changing posts and for promoting these staff.
  • Recruitment of temporary staff to provisionally occupy staff vacancies before they are covered, as well as for replacing permanent staff during sick leaves and other types of leaves, etc.
  • Management of the government-employees administrative activity, from their appointment to the end of this relationship. (Recognition of services, three-yearly periods, retributions, leaves and extended leaves of absence, readmittances, compatibilities, administrative situations, disciplinary regime, etc.)
  • Management of the workers administrative activity, from signing their contracts the end of this relationship. (Recognition of three-yearly periods, assignment of supplementary payments, labour situations, leaves, permits and extended leaves of absence, disciplinary regime, etc.)
  • Presence management and control of workers and government-employees, including treating whatever incidents occur during this presence due to licences, leaves, permits, etc.
  • Processing of economical actions brought about by the payment of shifts, services and overtime, as well as government employees' and workers' Service Commissions.
  • Management of the training plans regarding shifts, assistant recruitment, logistics support for giving courses, preparing qualifications and payments to the teaching staff. Tracking of the agreements with the IMAP on continuing training plans.
  • Management of Social Action records (processing applications, comparing documents, benefit awarding proposal, notifying the people concerned) and managing payments, through the Treasury Department, of the awarded amounts.
  • Institutional relationship and management of agreements with the workers' representatives (Works Committee and Staff Committee).

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Human Resources and Organisation

Contact Details

The Administrative and Service Staff Service is located in:

2ª Planta del xEdificio de Rectorado. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid

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