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Reservation of subjects:

To apply for a place in specific subjects before entering UAM you have to consult the information and specific conditions of each Centre/Faculty.

It is very important that the students consult the syllabus and timetables of the different subjects to avoid overlaps between them.

In case of doubt, get in touch with the International Relations Office of the corresponding Centre/Faculty.

Place and periods:

Following registration (see the information on the Welcome Meeting), enrolment in UAM is carried out through the Centres/Faculties in which the studies will be taken within the periods established for each of them (consult the specific information in each Centre/Faculty).

Forms of payment:

Once enrolled, the student receives a document called "Abonaré" (payment request) and the enrolment form by e-mail.

The enrolment may be paid for in two ways:

·         Direct debit: Students must request direct debit payment at the International Relations Office of the corresponding Centre when enrolling. Together with the enrolment an DIRECT DEBIT ORDER will be generated. This order will be signed/authorised by the holder of the account in question and must be delivered to the International Relations Office in the corresponding Centre. 

·         Deposit at the bank: By a cash deposit into the account of the University at any of the branches of Banco Santander. Together with the enrolment form a document will be generated with a double payable request that you must present at the bank for payment and validation.

To facilitate payment, you can pay at any of the branches on the University Campus:

. Cantoblanco (Plaza de la UAM) or on the

. Campus of the Faculty of Medicine (c/Julio Palacios, 23)

You can also pay at any of the bank's branches.


Once you make the payment, you have to deliver a copy of the bank receipt proving payment of the enrolment fee to the International Relations Office of the Centre/Faculty.

Certificates will not be issued if students have payments pending.

Payment by instalment (recommended):

You may pay the enrolment fee in 4 instalments:  If you want to pay in instalments you have to ask at the time you enrol at the Centre/Faculty where you will be studying.

The dates for payment in this case will be:

·         Whole year: 1st At the time of enrolment (September) - 2nd 15 November  - 3rd 15 January - 4th 15 March.

·         First semester: 1st At the time of enrolment (September) - 2nd 15 November

·         Second semester: 1st At the time of enrolment (start of February) - 2nd 15 April

You may not pay by instalment if the amount payable for enrolment rights is below the minimum set in the Decree on Public Prices: 350 euros