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Objectives of the UAM Office for Scientific Culture Programmes

In addition to the three basic pillars of university activity, Teaching, Research and Management, in the interests of consistency and co-ordination a fourth has been added: Scientific Culture, which is an amalgam of scientific knowledge and its dissemination in a society that demands information directly from the sectors in which it is created. The UAM, one of the leading Spanish universities in terms of the amount and quality of its research, must and will reinforce its Scientific Culture Programmes. To this end, and in order to improve co-ordination of these programmes, the university has created the post of Director of Scientific Culture Programmes, working in close collaboration with the Vice-Chancellor s for the Library and Scientific Promotion and for Students and University Extension.

General objectives:

  • To promote Scientific Culture as a reference point and basic pillar of university activity at the UAM, together with Teaching, Research and Management.
  • To establish sufficient means for supporting, promoting and co-ordinating the initiatives of members of the university community and to promote participation in its own institutional activities or those of other R&D system research institutions and public organisations.
  • To establish the mechanisms required to enable the channelling and dissemination of content in the University itself, in other public organisations, in the media and in society in general.

Specific objectives:

  • To establish a communication and co-ordination network of all UAM centres and university research institutes in order to promote the dissemination of research results and the channelling of their initiatives and of the scientific news generated to aid their dissemination in society.
  • To implement the institutional collaboration between the UAM and the Scientific Information Office of the Community of Madrid.
  • To take charge of the institutional co-ordination of the UAM's participation in the Madrid Science Week, under the auspices of the "Feria de Madrid por la Ciencia" Science Fair and in other scientific dissemination forums.
  • To create a UAM Scientific Culture website to act as a direct and interactive window onto this subject for the university group in particular and society in general.
  • To foster the participation of researchers, trainee researchers and students in blogs and scientific forums.
  • To establish a UAM Scientific Culture Day, initially aimed at university students, to promote the elemental values of scientific dissemination. Granting optional credits could stimulate participation in this activity, if we consider it necessary to train future graduates and researchers in the social responsibility of science through scientific culture programmes.