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FPU Grants

Becas FPU

This program is oriented towards providing scholarships and grants for the Training of University Professors (Formación del Profesorado Universitario – FPU), leading to the training of teachers and researchers within the framework of the Statute on Research personnel.
Eligible for these grants are university degree-holders who, at the time of the call for applications, fulfill all the requirements listed in the FPU grants section which the Ministry of Education has provided to make this information available.
In this webpage you will find all the information related to the duration of the grant, the minimum requirements for application, the dates by which applications must be filed, the quantity of the grant, the characteristics of the selection process and all other relevant information.
These grants may be applied for from your country of origin or once you are in Spain, but the paperwork associated with them is not simple. It requires certain administrative steps and some bureaucratic tasks at the consulate. We therefore recommend that as soon as you decide to apply for one of these grants you get in touch with us at acogida.internacional@uam.es (if you are abroad) or come by the office so we can guide you through the next steps.