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Centre of Postgraduate Studies


The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid wants to become a benchmark among Spanish universities. The Centre of Postgraduate Studies (CEP) was created as an instrument to enable the university to compete on an equal level with other universities which have had similar management centres for a number of years.
CEP centres are involved in the academic and administrative management of official postgraduate studies. It is attached to the Deputy Vice-chancellor's Office of Postgraduate Studies and receives academic instructions directly from the Commission of Postgraduate Studies and the Doctorate Commission, in their respective areas of authority.

Work teams

Fernández Palacios, Fernando
Official Postgraduate Programmes (Master's Degree Admissions)

Lai Mu, Kuet Kiung
Official Postgraduate Programmes (Admissions Co-ordinator)

Llorente Fernández, MªJesús
Head of Service of Official Postgraduate Programmes

Moncó Taracena, Joaquín
Head of Section of Official Postgraduate Programmes (Curricula)

Montero Galende, Yolanda
Doctoral Theses

Moreno García, Fermín
Official Postgraduate Programmes (Curricula of RD. 778/98)

Núñez Fernández-Barbado, Angela
Official Postgraduate Programmes

Poveda González, Rafael
Head of Section of Official Postgraduate Programmes

San Cecilio Valdés, Mª Teresa
Official Postgraduate Programmes

Main activities

The Centre of Postgraduate Studies is responsible for publicising and promoting the official postgraduate studies available and for co-ordinating the academic management of said studies, regardless of the organisational tasks which, by their nature, are carried out by the departments or centres where the teaching is delivered. With regard to the introduction of new qualifications, the centre co-ordinates all the administrative aspects required for their approval, introduction and development.

In collaboration with the responsible academic bodies, the Centre of Postgraduate Studies conducts the admissions process for Official Master's and Doctorate Courses, co-ordinates postgraduate registration, processes the reading of doctoral theses and the recognition of foreign postgraduate qualifications, and also processes the recognition of credits in the curricula of RD. 778/98 It is also responsible for the diffusion, co-ordination, preparation and processing of applications for the official calls of public organisations and those of the UAM

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Studies and University Extension

Functional structure

Dep.Postgraduate Studies

Contact Details

Centre of Postgraduate Studies
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 2
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
28049 – Madrid
Telephone: 91 497 41 10 / 40 57
Fax: 91 497 51 39
Email:  posgrado.oficial@uam.es
Opening hours for students: Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00 and Fridays, from 9:00 to 14:00