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Instructions for enrolment in Master’s Degree Programmes. Academic Course 2019/2020


1.       When and How to enrol in a Master

2.       How to access the enrolment application

3.       Enrolment

4.       Problems during the process of enrolment

5.       Recognition of subjects

6.       Once enrolment has concluded

7.       Enrolment at UAM for students from interuniversity Master studies who have already enrolled at a different University

8.       Related Services

9.       Download Area


1.    When and How to enrol in a Master

Enrolment is an online process, you only need access to internet and a printer to print your enrolment documents and/or your payment document by a financial entity.

Payment periods and information about fees and public prices may be consulted in the lateral menu.


2.   How to access the enrolment application

To access the online application, you must select the following link Automatrícula

For instructions regarding user password and login, see the download area below.

In the event that you access the auto enrolment application and a message telling that you have no file appears on the screeen, please send an email to: posgrado.oficial@uam.es


3.   Enrolment

You must complete the required data at the corresponding screens. The guide to complete the enrolment process can be consulted at the download area.


  • Application “concedida” or “granted”

Before proceeding with enrolment, and once all the required documents have been correctly delivered, your application should appear as “Concedido” / “Granted” in Sigma, you should receive an email informing that you may proceed with enrolment and specifying the period of time you have to do so.


  • Master’s Plan of studies

Please, revise your studies plan (especially if the following message “asignatura no colocada” / “subject not selected”) appears on the screen during the process of enrolment

Each studies plan is designed individually, and its structure establishes the different itineraries, if any, and all the requisites, whether compulsory or not in the different subjects or modules.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to pass some requirements (credits/subjects) before the student is allowed to prepare the Master’s Final Dissertation (TFM), specified in every plan of studies and defined in the online application.

This information is also available at the Academic Offer link in our web.


  • Additional credits (ECTS)

If your Admission Letter specifies that you must realize “complementos de Formación” or “Additional credits”, you should also enrol those subjects in the online application, or consult the Postgraduate Studies Office at your Faculty, if you have no access to them.


  • Number of Credits to enrol

You may enrol full time or partial, and no further changes will be allowed during the academic course.

Full time enrolment: You may enrol a minimum of 37 credits and a maximum of 60 credits.

Partial enrolment: You may enrol a minimum of 24 credits and a maximum of 36 credits.

If you plan to request a grant such as Beca del Ministerio de Educación, please take into account the academic requirements to be beneficiary, as you may be asked to enrol a complete course (60 credits), other grants may also require full time enrolment.


  • Grants and Aids to large families, students with disability or Honours Grades

Large family’s aids and/or Disability aids beneficiaries should present the corresponding certificate at their Faculty’s Secretary before proceeding with enrolment, in order to update their personal data and their status as beneficiary.

Those students with previous studies with honours, and once enrolled in a Master Degree, should contact with their Faculty’s Secretary to know the procedure to follow to obtain discounts in their enrolment fees.


  • Payment by credit card

If you have chosen payment by credit card (TPV) and encountered any problems while inserting your credit card information, you may finish this process after enrolment, through the module that allows you to consult your file (option: tasas/fees)

In this case, it is not possible to select fractioned payment.


4.   Problems during the process of enrolment

If you have problems related to subjects, groups availability, large families (Spanish students), during the process of enrolment, you should contact your Faculty’s Postgraduate Office.


Contact Emails


Escuela Politécnica Superior: administracion.eps@uam.es

Facultad de Ciencias: posgrado.ciencias@uam.es

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales: posgrado.economicas@uam.es

Facultad de Derecho: administracion.posgrado.derecho@uam.es

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras: gestionmaster.filosofia@uam.es

Facultad de Formación de Profesorado y Educación: gestionmaster.fprofesorado@uam.es

Facultad de Medicina: master.medicina@uam.es

Facultad de Psicología: secretariaposgrado.psicologia@uam.es  


5. Recognition of subjects

If you want to request recognition of subjects, please, ask for details at your Faculty’s Administration office before enrolment.


6.  Once enrolment has concluded

You will need to follow these steps to access all the academic services offered by UAM.


All students already enrolled in official university studies may obtain an institutional email account. The format is name.surname@estudiante.uam.es (ID-UAM)

New students will receive their account (ID-UAM) by email and/or SMS, after they have effectively enrolled. They must have a Spanish mobile number in order to get it by SMS.

You will get academic, administrative and university activities information by this means, and it will ensure the necessary guarantees in your mails with professors or Administrative instances.

Access to Moodle

New students

After enrolment is finished and your student’s email account is active, you will be able to access the Moodle platform. Your log in and password will be the same as your student’s mail account.

If you have any problem to activate your email account or do not remember your password, please contact https://autoservicio.uam.es/xlWebApp/  

If you have problems accessing Moodle, please contact docencia.red@uam.es from your own students email.

Students who have previously studied at UAM may do so from their existing accounts. They should have their students account active, if not, please contact CAU for activation at cau@uam.es

University Card

(see web)


7. Enrolment at UAM for students from interuniversity Master studies who have already enrolled at a different University

The UAM has established a procedure to enrol in its Academic app (Sigma) for students enrolled in a interuniversity Master, in a different University from the UAM, but with a signed agreement with the UAM.

The aim is to offer these students access to the University services (Moodle, mail, university card, etc.) and create an academic file for them in Sigma in order to include them in class lists, files and surveys, as well as giving them access to examine their academic files in Sigma.

Please, consult the download area for further instructions on this topic.


Download area


Related Services