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Visa and Visitor's Permit

Due to the constant changes in the various orders and regulations governing the procedures of arrival, stay and departure of foreigners in our country—and in order to handle the processing of official documents from our Welcome Office—the information in this section will be updated monthly.

Visa and Visitor’s Permit

Nonetheless, we recommend that if you are interested in beginning any immigration process that you regularly consult the web pages of the Police (Brigada de Extranjería) and of the Ministries of Eduction, Work and Foreign Affairs. To complement them, the Welcome Office will offer personalized assistance to all those that require it.

NOTE: The information on these pages is for informational purposes and does not define rights nor may rights be derived from it (artículo 14, Decreto 21/2002 de 24 de enero, BOCM de 5 de febrero de 2002).

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