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Master's Degree in Theoretical Physics [Specialization in Elementary Particles and Cosmology / Specialization in Astophysics and Physics of the Cosmos]

Master's Degree in Theoretical Physics [Specialization in Elementary Particles and Cosmology / Specialization in Astophysics and Physics of the Cosmos]
  • One of the main objectives of this Master’s Degree is to provide specialized academic training in the field of Theoretical Physics and an introduction to Research. This programme is the gateway to doctoral studies. The training it provides allows students to acquire a variety of general competences which can lead to a wide range of jobs in fields such as teaching, science, technology, work outside of the academic world and even in such different disciplines as economics, applied computing, communications technologies, etc. Graduates from this Master’s Degree will be able to develop a career in this field: a) pursuing a research career by writing a PhD; b) working in research institutes, astronomical observatories, etc.; c) teaching in secondary education; d) working in technological companies (e.g. working with accelerators, in the aerospace sector, etc.) and other cross-curricular fields (consultancy, communications, software simulation, image processing, etc.); e) promoting and explaining science in different sectors (media, planetariums, museums, etc.).


Future Students

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    Admission requirements:

    The student must be graduate (Bachelor or Degree) in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Engineering (in one of the following designations: Aeronautical / Aerospace, Civil and Land, Materials, roads, canals and ports, Industrial / Industrial Technologies, Energy, Chemical, Maritime, Naval and Ocean, Telecommunication or Geomatics and Surveying) or equivalent degrees from foreign universities.

    It is also required to have a B2 level in knowledge of English language or the equivalent level required for obtaining Bachellor degree (Grado) at the UAM Faculty of Science.


    Specific Admission Documentation and Requirements


    Applicants with access studies pending finalization must include a Statement of having finished the previous studies stating the expected date of finalization.

    Application for specialization


    English proficiency Accreditation (Although a B2 level or equivalent in knowledge of English language is required, documentary evidence is not mandatory when submitting the admission application)

    Personal Interview

    (Spanish Version)

Enrolled students

Monitoring and Quality Control

Further information

Master's Website

Master's Website

Description of the degree

  • Current academic offer
  • Centre, department or institute responsible: Department of Theoretical Physics.
  • Location: Faculty of Sciences and Institute of Theoretical Physics (IFT/CSIC-UAM)
  • Year established: 2013-2014
  • Type: in-class
  • Credits 60
  • Minimum ECTS per enrolment / per year: 24 / part-time students; 37 / full-time students
  • Teaching languages English
  • Número de plazas ofertadas: 25

Contact Details

Coordinator: Juan García-Bellido Capdevila



Contact data:

Department of Theoretical Physics

Module 15, Faculty of Sciences,

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Cantoblanco, 28049, Madrid

Telephono. 914974880

Fax. 914973936




Any query on the procedure for admission to this Master’s degree should be addressed to posgrado.oficial@uam