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Admission to Masters

Admission Procedure to Official Master's Degree Programmes

Admission Requirements for Official Master’s Degree Programmes

a) Official university qualification such as an undergraduate degree, bachelor’s degree, engineer, architect, foundation degree, or other equivalent.

b) Applicants holding a university degree from a foreign country may be eligible for access:

b-1) after homologation to an equivalent Spanish degree included in the list above.

b-2) without homologation of the degree, after ascertaining that the studies leading to said degree accredit an academic level equivalent to Spanish official qualifications and that said degree entitles the holder to access postgraduate studies in the country where it was issued.

Please note:

It is important to apply for admission on first period (from March 1st 2017 to May 31st 2017) even before completing the required undergraduate studies because on high demand some Masters may not be open on second period.

Each different Programme of Studies may establish its own admission requirements.

Admission requests may be submitted before completing the required undergraduate studies. Completed undergraduate studies are required for enrolment. Applicants are required to inform the Postgraduate Studies Centre immediately as soon as the required undergraduate studies are completed.

How to Apply for Admission

Requests for admission to Masters Programmes at the UAM are processed exclusively online.

Before starting to process your request, please read the instructions carefully and consult the list of documents required in order to attach these in electronic format (original documents will be submitted after admission is approved).


1. Range of programmes offered

Read about our official Master’s Degree Programmes


2. Register as a user

If you are, or have been, a student of the UAM, you are already registered as a user and have UAM login details assigned to you (SIGMA). If you have forgotten your password, please send an email to posgrado.oficial@uam.es attaching a scanned identity document, and we will resend it to you. Similarly, if you have requested admission to the UAM on any previous occasion, but did not enrol in any course, you must use the same password assigned to you at that time. In any of the above cases DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN.

To register for the first time, please consult the next link to register as a user of the UAM and note the following documents to download that will facilitate the completion of the process:


a)   Instructions for completing personal data

b)   Step by Step registration as user


3.   Documents required as attachments in electronic format

Before starting to process your request for admission ensure you have scanned, in PDF or WORD format, the following documents, saved as independent files not exceeding 4 MB:

  • Certificate of academic transcript for previous graduate studies (translated and legalized, if required). In the case of previous studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, certificate of grades can be introduced by using the document got through the application “Servicios Sigm@ para el alumno” in the option: “Expediente Sigm@/ Consulta de expediente/”.
  • Statement of having finished the previous studies: Applicants with access studies pending finalization must include a Statement of having finished the previous studies stating the expected date of finalization.
  • Average Grade Declaration: Consult the side menu, “Average Grade Declaration”.
  • Curriculum vitae (in the Specific Requirements section for certain Master’s Degree Programmes, this must be submitted in a standardized format. Please consult the Master’s Degree website for such specific requirements.)
  • Identity Document / Passport
  • Application for Specialization: (if available this document can be downloaded from each Master’s Degree website. Please consult the official Masters Degrees webpage).
  • Documentation specific to each programme (some programmes require additional documentation). Consult this document by clicking on the link to the selected Master’s Degree, in the section Specific Admission Requirements.


4. Application for Admission Online


  • On the following link of Access to Application for Admission Online you can access the application with your user name and password to submit your request. You must provide all required data and attach the necessary digital documents.
  • As you fill in the request form, your personal data will be shown as entered during the registration procedure. Check that your data appears correctly according to the instructions given in Instructions for completing your personal data. If any data is entered that is incorrect or does not comply with the instructions, you may continue with your application and report the discrepancy later to the administrative office of the corresponding Faculty/School so that the errors may be corrected, as this will be necessary for issuing the Diploma.
  • Do not forget to save your application and print the receipt.
  • In the downloads area you will find a “ step by step guide to the admission requests programme”.
  • Students applying for admission to two or more Masters Programmes must state their order of preference. Applicants wishing to select several specialities will be allowed a maximum of three. For the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Lower and Upper Secondary Education, every application for speciality will be considered as a different one.
  • When applying for admission to any of the Masters’ Programmes (3 maximum) you will be asked to pay 27,54€ as an opening academic record fee for every Masters’ Programme you apply. This fee will be deducted from your enrolment fee when you carry it out.


5. How to view your Admission Request

You can view your Admission Request at any time through the online application using the same ID and password as for submitting the request.

The status of your request will be one of the following:

  • Requested by the student: the student has submitted an Admission Request
  • Validated by the administration department: the application is submitted correctly
  • Accepted: the application has been admitted (admission, however, is subject to compliance with the requirements regarding documentation presented at the Postgraduate Studies Centre - CEP)
  • Rejected: the application has not been admitted
  • Waiting List: application pending availability.
  • Admission granted: the applicant may proceed with enrolment (please consult enrolment dates).


6. Submission of documents in hard copy

As soon as you receive notification that you have been granted admission to the Masters Programme of your choice, you must submit the following documents, in the original and a photocopy, or authenticated copies, to the Postgraduate Studies Centre:


  • Degree prior to accession.
  • Academic transcript of studies prior to accession.
  • Average grade point declaration, if applicable.
  • Identity Document / Passport.
  • Accreditation of foreign language proficiency level (for Masters Programmes stating this accession requirement). (In the case of Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Lower and Upper Secondary Education, accreditation of B1 foreign language proficiency level must be submitted in hard copy even if graduate studies at UAM)
  • Accreditation of level B2 in Spanish for foreign students with a degree issued in a foreign non Spanish-speaking country (in the case of students wishing to take the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training in Secondary Education (Lower and Upper) and other Masters Programmes stating this requirement). 

Applicants having gained accession entitlement at the UAM are not required to present hard copies of documents, with the exception of foreign language level accreditation if applicable.

If your documents were issued in a foreign country, please do not forget that they must be duly legalized and authenticated. See the link in the side menu Legalization and Translation of Documents. Studies within the European Union do not require legalization, but do require authentication.

If sending documents by post DO NOT send originals; send only certified and/or authenticated copies(in the case of studies undertaken abroad, certification must be performed at the Spanish Consulate or Spanish Embassy in the country where the studies took place).



Acceso y Admisión a Másteres Oficiales

Centro de Estudios de Posgrado. Pabellón D.

C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 2

28049 Madrid-España


7. Enrolment

(see link in side menu).


Master’s programmes without a minimum number of applications before first period deadline may not be taught.

In the event a Master’s Programme is suspended for this reason, all applicants to that programme will be notified before second period for admissions.


8. Questions or problems regarding access

Send your question or problem to posgrado.oficial@uam.es






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