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Average Grade Statement

Average Grade Declaration

When applying for a Master, the average grade declaration will be provided as follows:

UAM students

Those students whose Degree Certificate was obtained at the UAM, do not need to provide any document regarding this point, as our TI system will get this data from the personal profile of the student. The scale to be applied is the scale from 1 to 10 (according to the RD1125/2003, September 5th).

Students from other Spanish Universities

These students should:

Include his/her average grade in the corresponding point in the application using the scale 1 to 10 according to the RD1125/2003, September 5th. 

NOTICE: When provided average grade statement is in the 1 to 4 scale, and as the homogeneity in the scale is compulsory for the evaluation of the applications, the following equivalence scale chart will be applied:

EQUIVALENCIA NOTAS ENTRE ESCALA 1 a 4 y ESCALA 1 a 10 (Single district of Madrid, for graduates admission)


Upload the official Certificate of Average Grade issued by his/her University in digital format to the software application (not applicable when this average grade is stated explicitly in the Academic Record).


In case of being admitted, they have to hand the original document over in the Centro de Estudios de Posgrado (Postraduate Studies Center) so the document can be checked by them (not applicable when this average grade is explicitly stated in the Academic Record).

Students accessing with Degrees issued abroad

These students should provide the Declaration of Equivalence of the Average Grade to the Spanish system.

When the student possesses a foreign Degree (issued abroad), the average grade can only be attested by means of the official Certificate of Average grade issued by the  Spanish Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte. In the event of not having previously mentioned official Certificate, the Coordinators will evaluate the average grade according to the available documentation.

Once obtained the Grade equivalence, it has to be included in the corresponding point of your application using the scale referred in the RD 1125/2003, 5th September (scale from 1 to 10), adding it in digital format to the application.


The average grade equivalence request for foreign studies should be addressed to the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte which makes available user´s information in the web page of the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte (se abre el enlace en una ventana nueva) (Nuevo enlace: http://www.educacionyfp.gob.es/servicios-al-ciudadano-mecd/catalogo/general/educacion/203615/ficha.html) .

Any query and/or doubt has to be addressed to notamedia.uni@mecd.es

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