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Admission to Masters

Admission Procedure to Official Master's Degree Programmes

Access and Admission to Official Masters

Year 2019/2020

(Please, consult the periods to submit applications in the lateral menu)



Students from previous years

1)Those students who enrol for the second year in a two year Master Degree shall not submit a new application.

2)Admission might be granted without the completion of Studies/Degree of access (The student will confirm the estimated date of finalisation before enrolment, through the Previous Studies Declaration Form, to be attached to the online application)

Procedure for new students to submit applications

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to submit the application within the first period of presentation (January 21st to May 17th, 2019), though some students may have unfinished Studies/Bachelor Degree.

In the event of high demand, there might be a percentage of Masters that will complete their admissions in the first period of admittance, and will not offer a second period of applications.

It is not necessary to have completed Studies/Bachelor Degree to submit the application, though it is compulsory to finish them, and request the corresponding Diploma, before the enrolment deadline, to make it effective.

Admission to Master Degree Programmes at UAM is an exclusive online process.

Read the instructions carefully before proceeding with your online application and consult the necessary documents to be attached in digital format (Paper documents will be presented at the Postgraduate Studies Offices once admitted. It will not be necessary for students who have studied at UAM).

1. Offer

Official Master Degree Studies:

All Official Master Degree Studies will assign a number of additional places to students with a recognised disability of 33% or higher, as well as to professional athletes, according to the Procedure of additional places reserved in Official Master Degree Studies for Disabled students and Professional Athletes, approved in the Postgraduate Studies Commission on November 3rd, 2015.

2. User Registration

To obtain your access password, you might access the User registration link

If you have been, or still are, a student at UAM, you do not need to proceed with a new registration. In the event that you forgot your access code or password, you can recover it through the following link to recover password

3. Documents to be attached to the application

Before proceeding with their online application, all students (those with their Bachelor Degrees from the UAM included) might have scanned (max. 4mb), the following documents:

1. Academic Record of your Degree Studies (Subjects and Grades).

It will not be necessary to translate it to Spanish in the case of Certificates issued in English, French, Italian or Portuguese.

2. Those students with additional Master/PhD studies are encouraged to attach them as Supplementary or Additional documents, but their studies of access are compulsory the Bachelor/Engineer Degree the Master Degree, with its corresponding average grade.

3. Previous Studies Declaration Form, for students who have not completed their studies when submitting their online application, with the estimated date of finalisation.

If the previous studies were accomplished at the UAM, the Academic Record “Consulta de Expedientelink

4. Average grade statement. Consult lateral menu, “Average grade statement”

5. Curriculum Vitae (Certain Master Degrees require a specific format. Please, consult the Master Degree’s web page for further details.

6. DNI/Passport

7. Itinerary/Specialty Request Form. To download from the web page in those Master Degrees when required.

8. Specific Documentation for each programme (Certain programmes may require additional documentation) you can consult the specific requirements for admission in the corresponding Master Degree’s web page.

 4. How to submit your online application

  • All the information and instructions may be consulted at the following web page:

    Online admission application form

  • 1. When applying for a Master Degree Studies Programme/s, you’ll be asked to pay the amount of 27,54€ as academic and administrative fee, that allows you to apply for up to three Master Degrees (if the fee is not paid, your application will not be processed until payment is effective)
  • 2. The above mentioned fee will be deductible from your enrolment expenses and will be reimbursed ONLY in the event of suspension of the Master Degree Programme.
  • 3. You may apply for up to three different Master Degree Programmes, which must be prioritised. In the particular case of the Master in Secondary Education, each itinerary is a different application.

5. How to check your online application

You can check the status of your application any time through the computer app, accessible with the same log-in password used previously to submit your application.

Students will receive an email from the Postgraduate Studies Office, informing them of their admission, denial or inclusion in a waiting list, and they will be able to download the corresponding letter.

The different stages of an application are:

  • “Solicitud Temporal”: The administrative fee (27,54€) has not been paid.  
  • “Solicitado por el alumno”: The application has been registered correctly.
  • “Validado por la administración”:  All documents attached to the online application have been revised and validated by the Administration.
  • “Admitido”: The student has been admitted (this admission, is conditioned nonetheless to the presentation of the necessary documents at the Postgraduate Studies Offices). In the event that a student is admitted to more than one Master Degree Programme, he/she will be able to enrol in the option he/she chose in the first place, and the other options will be eliminated, unless the student requests a change of Master Degree or expresses his/her interest in a studies simultaneity procedure between two Masters, by email, addressed to posgrado.oficial@uam.es.
  • “Denegado”: The student has not been admitted (he/she will receive a letter by email and postal mail explaining the reasons).
  • “Lista de espera”: The student is included in a waiting list and will be notified if admitted.
  • “Concedido”: The student can proceed with enrolment (please, consult enrolment dates)

6. Documents Delivery

Once the student receives the Admission letter to the Master Degree, he/she shall hand the following documents, in paper [1](originals and copies) or certified copies, at the Postgraduate Studies Centre:

  • Bachelor Degree or Diploma (Diploma)
  • Academic Record of access studies
  • Average grade statement (when necessary)
  • DNI/Passport
  • Certificate B1 in a foreign language (according to MCERL), for applicants to the Secondary Education Teaching Master Degree.
  • Certificate B2 in a foreign language (according to MCERL), for those Master Degrees that require it.
  • Certificate B2 in Spanish as a foreign language, for foreign students with a Degree issued in Non Spanish-speaking countries (when required)

- Those students who have obtained their Bachelor Degree at the UAM, will not be required to deliver the above mentioned documents in paper (except for the Language Certificates, when needed).

-Students Admitted before obtaining their Bachelor Degree or without their Diploma, shall notify the Postgraduate Studies Office ( posgrado.oficial@uam.es) that they are in the process of obtaining it from their University.

- If your documents are foreign, take into account that they should be duly legalised and authenticated.

Certification is always formalised through an Official Spanish Agency, please visit: Legalización y Traducción de documentos.

Studies within the European Union do not require to be legalised.

- Please, send your documents to the address below:


Acceso y Admisión a Másteres Oficiales

Centro de Estudios de Posgrado. Pabellón D.

C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 2

28049 Madrid-España



Please, note that if you send your documents by Postal Mail, you should never send originals, but certified or authenticated copies.(if you are sending documents from a foreign country, not belonging to the European Union, the certification of copies shall be done at the Spanish Embassy, Consulate or Spanish Official Agency in your country).

7. Enrolment

Once the previous stages are completed, the status of the application will change to “Concedido”, then the student will proceed with the enrolment formalisation according to the terms stablished.

Students will receive an official communication from the Postgraduate Studies Office by email with the terms to proceed with enrolment and the link to access the platform online. All the details of the procedure are explained in the link Matriculación en Másteres Oficiales, at the lateral menu.

ABOUT THE MASTER DEGREES: Those Master Degrees with a scarce number of applications once the first period is finished, might not be taught. Such event will be published before the second period of applications starts.


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