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Apart from exchange programmes

Before you arrive

Admissions other than through Student Exchange Programmes

Before arrival

If you would like to come to the UAM of your own accord, you can do so as a Visiting Student by applying for admission directly to the UAM, without having to be nominated by your university of origin, and paying tuition fees for your choice of subjects at the UAM. If you are a student of Medicine or Nursing, you will be eligible to perform clinical rotations at the hospitals attached to the UAM (see paragraph E).

Visiting Students


All students enrolled at any University or Higher Education Centre, in Spain or abroad, may apply for admission to the UAM as visiting students to broaden their training in officially recognized studies with independence of any student mobility programme or agreement. The range of subjects available includes Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree studies at any UAM centre. Visiting students may not, however, enrol in first year subjects in undergraduate studies. Visiting Students applying for admission to postgraduate studies are required to have completed an undergraduate degree and to be currently enrolled in postgraduate studies at their university of origin.


Visiting students must have completed their first year of university studies at their university of origin. They must accredit an intermediate level of proficiency in the Spanish language for admission to the UAM. Students whose mother tongue is Spanish are exempt from this requirement.


One semester or one academic year. Visiting students’ sojourns may not exceed one academic year. The dates on which the semesters start and end are detailed in the academic calendar. Rotations at hospitals do not follow the general rules regarding length of sojourns and minimum period, and the maximum duration authorized for these rotations is 6 months. (See paragraph E on rotations.


During the academic year 2015/2016 no students will be accepted at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts within the visiting students framework in:  the Itinerary of Spanish within de undergraduate programme Modern Languages Culture and Communication; Translation and Interpretation and courses and Spanish Studies and its Literatures.

In the case of students of Medicine, this faculty will accept students wishing to perform a hospital rotation, provided that there is an agreement in force between the student’s university of origin and the UAM. Visiting students will not be entitled to enrol in Medicine theory subjects. (See paragraph E on rotations.)

How to submit your application to the UAM as VISITING STUDENT for academic year 2015/2016

A. Application Form (electronic format)

This process consists of steps A and B: Step A is completed online (register and submit application) while Step B requires submission on paper (selection of subjects). Both steps are compulsory.

Register as user: it is necessary that you register as user at the UAM to gain access to the online application procedure (Instructions to register as user). To register, click here.
Application form: using the user name and password you were assigned on registering, you can access the Application form. You can also consult the list of Faculties and Schools at the UAM, and the different courses of study available at each (Instructions for completing the Application form). To fill in the Application form, click here.
For any query regarding the above, please contact intercambios.uam@uam.es

B. Application form available on the website containing a list of subjects from which to make a selection (printable form)

Link to the printable form (2015/2016)

Link to the printable form for Clinic Internships (2015/2016)Link to the printable form for Clinic Internships (2015/2016)Link to the printable form for Clinic Internships (2015/2016)

Applications that are incomplete or unsigned will not be accepted. All fields must be filled in and full information given regarding the student’s selection of subjects (code, year, semester, number of credits, faculty/school). Information on course descriptions.
Other documentation to be submitted:
•Application form on paper format.
•Photocopy of student’s passport (EU citizens may submit a photocopy of their national ID document).
•Official academic transcript certified by the university of origin stating the subjects taken by the student and the grades obtained. THIS MUST BE AN ORIGINAL OFFICIAL DOCUMENT (no photocopy or scanned document will be accepted) and must bear the seal and signature of the issuing institution.
•Accreditation of intermediate level of proficiency in the Spanish language.
•Certificate issued by the university of origin stating that the student is currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate studies at that university.
•Any other relevant documentation.
It is very important to ensure that the above information reaches the UAM within the established timelines. We need the full documentation to clear your application and proceed with your enrolment.

The timelines for applications are as follows:

  • First semester and full academic year: 1 - 31 May
  • Second semester: 1 June - 31 October
  • Clinical Rotations for students of  Medicine: 1 – 31 October.

C. Enrolment at the UAM

Enrolment at the UAM must be effected within the dates established at each faculty. Dates are subject to confirmation, but the deadline in any case will be no later than 30 July. It is most important to keep these dates in mind. We strongly recommend, when booking subjects online, to check the website of the Faculty offering the subjects and the timetables for those subjects, to avoid selecting subjects with overlapping timetables.

D. Inscription

On arrival you will need to formalize your inscription at the UAM, for which you must bring the original and a photocopy of your passport or national ID document, in the case of EU students, or passport, in the case of non-EU students, and your national health card, or private health insurance policy in the case of non-EU students.
Inscription will take place during the welcome meeting to be held on the dates indicated in paragraph G.

E. Additional information for students of Medicine and Nursing wishing to participate in hospital rotations

The high volume of visiting student requests to perform hospital rotations has made it necessary to establish a limit on applications. Therefore, priority will be given to applications made by students from universities with which the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) maintains a bilateral agreement (Framework, SICUE, Erasmus, CEAL, or a specific International Student Mobility Agreement).

To find out whether your university has any such agreement with the UAM, consult the links shown further below. The existence of an agreement between the two universities does not guarantee securing a place within the dates, service and clinical unit you request, as much will depend on the pressure of demand in each case.
As far as possible, however, students will be offered an alternative in the same or the following semester.

Exceptionally, applications by students from institutions that do not have an agreement such as those mentioned above with the UAM will be considered by previous agreement with the Dean or Vice Dean for International Relations of the Faculty of Medicine and the clinical unit at the corresponding hospital.

Applications will be accepted for performing rotations of 1 to 6 months, in the order in which they are received, with a maximum of 2 students per semester (or 4 students for three-month terms) from each university. For periods shorter than three months, the maximum number of students per university will be 4.

Students must send an e-mail with the proposed dates and the specific rotations they wish to perform to: ori.medicina@uam.es

Likewise, candidates are reminded that all the original documentation must reach the International Relations Office (ORI) at the Rectorate within the dates detailed below:



between the 15th of April to the 15th of September

1st and 31st of October

Tuition fees for the academic year 2015/2016 FOR European students will be approved around July, 15th, in the meantime and as a general guidance only, during the academic year 2014/2015 tuition fees were  as follows:

Período de prácticas:

Tasas académicas

1 mes

383,65 euros

2 meses

429.65 euros

3 meses

627,65 euros

4 meses

825,65 euros

5 meses

1023,65 euros

6 meses

1221,65 euros

For non-European students*, and as a general guidance only, during the academic year 2014/2015  the tuition fees were as follows:

Período de prácticas:

Tasas académicas

1 mes

397,49 euros

2 meses

761,33 euros

3 meses

1125,17 euros

4 meses

1489,01 euros

5 meses

1852,85 euros

6 meses

2216,69 euros


*To confirm

Links to agreements between other institutions and the UAM

International Agreements and CEAL

Students of Medicine wishing to enrol as visiting students and perform hospital rotations must take into account certain additional requirements (consult document attached).
Likewise, candidates are reminded that all the required documentation must reach the ORI at the Rectorate within the dates detailed below:

F. Guidance to help you organize your sojourn at the UAM

You are invited to consult the International Students’ Guide on the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) website, where you will find practical information to prepare your sojourn at the UAM and other sources of useful information such as the academic calendar 2015/2016 or Courses in Spanish as a foreign language, Transportation, etc.

In order to guide you through all the steps you need to take once you join the UAM, there will be a welcome meeting on the dates given below. Attendance at these meetings is compulsory, as inscription will take place as part of the proceedings. The inscription of students taking part in hospital rotations will take place at the Faculty of Medicine.

G. Welcome Meeting for Visiting Students (Updated 24/06/2014). This information will be updated in the near future, as a general guidance only, during the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015, it was as follows:

(1) We recommend visiting this page a few days before the meeting to check for any last minute changes in the time. Any changes of date/time or venue for the meetings will be announced on the website, or, should this not be possible, by e-mail.
Select your time of attendance from the following (1):

4 September 2015, at 11:00 hours.
7 September 2015, at 11:00 hours.

Place: Meeting Hall. Plaza Mayor building, top floor, Cantoblanco Campus.
Please be punctual.
You will be asked to submit the following documentation:
1.Original and photocopy of your passport.
2.Original and photocopy of your medical insurance valid in Spain.

H. Other useful information

1.Accommodation and cost of living in Madrid The link on the website will lead you to information on the on-campus university accommodation at the UAM, take a virtual tour of the facilities and make your advance booking. If you prefer to live in an apartment, on arrival at the UAM you will be given a list of apartments available for rent to international students.
Follow the link below for useful information on living in Madrid (prices, etc.). Here you will find information on university housing and student residence halls.

2.Courses in Spanish as a foreign language If you wish to join one of the Spanish language courses offered by the UAM for international students, you need to enrol and take a test to ascertain your level. Check the dates for these tests through the attached link, selecting Spanish Language Courses Calendar. (Consult the dates for the second semester in the Downloads section).

Visiting students only occupy available places, after applications from exchange students have been processed, as students on exchange programmes have priority access to those places thanks to the mutual agreements that have been signed with other universities.

Taking the test for language proficiency level does not imply the right to a place on any of the Spanish courses at the language school. Visiting students may only apply for vacant places in their level, should there be any available. Only students taking the level test will be eligible to occupy such vacancies. Students may only apply for the level test after inscription.

How to get to the campus: The UAM is very well communicated via public transport, with direct connections by train and bus.
Bus: Line 714 from Plaza Castilla.
Train: The on-campus station is Cantoblanco Universidad. Two train lines stop at this station: C4A and C4B.

3.General information

Important Notice:
Students from countries outside the EU must obtain their student visa before arrival at the UAM. Students are recommended NOT to leave their countries on a tourist visa. Once in Spain, it is NOT POSSIBLE to request a student visa, making it necessary for students to return to their countries of origin to obtain it. Normally the request for a student visa can be initiated with the letter of acceptance received in electronic format while the necessary original document is sent.